Maggy MG12 over the 1.6?

No doubt the 1.6 sounds better than the MG12, but the MG12 does have a couple of advantages. Firstly I've heard (or read) from a number of 1.6 owners that they weren't really satisfied until the had 350 WPC surging through its veins.

I'm considering using this for HT, and have a Cary 200WPC 5 channel amp, but that still sounds like it might be not quite adequate for the 1.6. The MG12 is supposed to be easier to drive.

Probably even more important is the size. The 1.6's are big and tall (around 6 feet?). I know the wife would keel over seeing those beasts in our (her) family room. At 4 1/2 feet the smaller MG12 might be OK.

The cost difference isn't an issue. I guess my question is, is the MG12 an excellent speaker in its own right, or for the picky audiophile with about $10K worth of electronics, would I not want to settle for less than the 1.6 in the Maggy line (which are too large for me to get in any case)?

It probably is more an issue of room size than anything else...the 12s can get lost in larger rooms...especially those with high ceilings(they have limited vertical dispersion)...that being said...on their own terms...the 12s are a great little speaker...I prefer a bigger sound myself...but they do have a majority of the 1.6s strengths...if this is solely for HT...i would go the MMG route...about half the price of the 12s and 80% of the sound...just my .02
If you will use a subwoofer the smaller Maggies will be fine. Even the MMG.
The room is definitely a larger room (around 35X25). My old B&W 804's couldn't quite deliver an effortless sound in the room. The speakers will be used for both HT and 2 channel music, though I'm much more concerned with the music side. If it sounds excellent for music, it usually does just fine with HT IMO.