Maggnepan MMG W's at 8 ohms?

Hi, im new to this kinda stuff. I just bought 2 pairs of MMG W's and an MMG C. I dont have a receiver yet, thinking of a NAD or B & K, but I was woundering what would happen if I hooked up these speakers to an 8 ohm receiver? will it fry the speakers, will nothing happen? I was just curious. I tried to serch and I never found an answer.
Thanks for any help.
the speakers should have much problem, but the amps in the reciever might.

I would reccommend finding a reciever that is capable of running to a 4 ohm load. A lot of upper-mid level recievers can do this, you just have to check.

the best bet however is get a pre-pro and a multichannel amp, garaunteed you will achieve better performance with that than a reciever with those speakers