maggies with bryston 7bssts

3.6s thoughts
Killer, look no more.
I am in the process of getting 3.6s and some Bryston love for them.
I have auditioned the (new vertical crossover box) Magnepans with the Bryston 4B-SST2 at my local dealer.
The sound is a quantum leap better than my current Forte' and B&W 805s.
The snap, clarity, speed of the whole spectrum (except mid-upper treble) was astounding.
The treble was only the equal of my current setup though.
I listened to another amp with the 3.6s (a McIntosh) and it SUCKED big time compared to the Bryston. The Mac was old school no clarity, no snap. sort of flabby.
Anyway, The 7B-SST2 is just twice the juice of the 4B.
If you go to audioasylum planar asylum and scroll down to my post on 3.6 in an apt one of the posters has a photo of HIS system with 3.6's and a pair of 7B's biamped with some tubes for the top.
If you cannot audition the 7B abd 3.6.. trust me, it is FANTASTIC. (with the exception of just fairly good treble)
I am very, very emanding of perfect treble, so if you aren't, the combo is made in heaven.
I plan on buying the 3.6 and 4B
Sorry, but I've never been a fan of the Bryston gear. I still can't get past the brightness of high frequencies. I'm not sure I should call it brightness, but that's the closest thing to what I hear. Kind of an etchy quality.

You should audition the new Sanders MagTech amp and one of the Pass Labs amps.
Maybe "grain" is what you are experiencing Mofi. Though I personally have not had that experience with Bryston. I agree that the combination of the 7 plus 3.6 will work extremely well. Also, the tweeters in the higher end maggies (not the psuedo) can easily be too "bright" depending on the amp pairing. The 7 will allow for excellent resolution (which is why they would be great with the maggies to begin with), but control the higher frequencies so as to not decay into infinitum. Meaning, because the higher frequencies in planars can easily become over-extended without definition (Im generalizing to some degree), the ability to define the upper frequencies is of ultimate importance so as to feel that there is definition. In actuality, its not very difficult to achieve excellent midrange results with the maggies, though if given more attention, the carefull execution of the highs bring the performance of the maggies to their maximum capabilites. Which ALWAYS is astonishing.
Elizabeth, I am with you on the McInstosh with Maggies, not a good match. I had the 501's for a ahort time, and they didn't match. But the Mac's did match great with a friends gear, so it's a case of how well they match.

MoFi, I agree on Pass and the Sanders, they are stellar, both. But I think the Bryston Gear is on the same level. Magnepan uses all Bryston gear to demonstrate and test, so that should tell you something about the the compatiblity.

Bryston + Maggies = Audio Happiness.
Owned 3.3's and had a 4b which was ok but not enough to really drive the speakers. The 7B's however will be just fine. I ended up with a levinson 332 on the 3.3's and it was perfect.
If I only had the $$
Keep in mind you should think about the Cardas jumper kit for the crossover. For the tweeter attenuater I use a set of NBS custom jumpers...exquisite sounding treble (I was a drummer so I love realistic sounding cymbals). HiFi tuning fuses will also add value. The vertical crossover is shrouded in mystery but it sure sounds great!
You know Bd223, I said that I loved the Bryston gear, and I do, I have a BDA-1 that is the best of many DAC's, some much more expensive that I have tried, and I love the sound of the Bryston amps with Maggies, but.....

I don't have Bryston amps, I have the big Cary CAD500 MB mono blocks.
i use a McIntosh Ma7000 AND I Have Excellent sound with my 3.6.s with the new x/o box and a rel 505 sub.
Has anyone heard Parasound JC-1s (or A21) with Maggies?
yes, the JC-1's sound great with the 3.6R's.