Maggies to Tekton?

Hey Audiogon-ers.  I've only posted a few times, as I mostly enjoy reading the threads and comments.  I've been a 20+ year Maggie owner, and I currently have the 1.7s in my "new" (post divorce) house.  I'm a big Maggie fan, but lately I've been craving something different...something with oomph and excitement - a dynamic speaker that will get my mojo going on jazz and modern rock.  The Tekton line-up piques my interest, especially the affordable models - Mini Lore  and Lore Ref.  I mean, damn, for under a grand I can take the plunge.  Plus, they have a  60 day return policy!  My amp is the McIntosh MA 252, and I have a Sony HAP player for digital and Music Hall 'table for LPs. My questions:  For the extra money, is the Tekton Lore Reference the way to go?  Is there another affordable, high efficiency brand that I should consider?  Is there anyone out there who has gone from Maggie to another (dynamic) brand and hasn't regretted the move?  Thanks! 
Based on the pictures on the Maggie site, it was probably the 1.7i. 
@pure_dave, bass in my set-up is next to nothing unless I crank the bass control on my McIntosh. Even then, I wouldn’t call it powerful or dynamic. I’m talking about the Maggies without the powered subs, so maybe it’s a moot point.  My old 250 wpc Musical Fidelity integrated definitely had the HP to control the low end on my 1.6s. Forgot to mention old Maggies, in the large room, were 1.6s. Maybe I’m comparing apples and oranges? I wouldn’t think the 1.7s would sound much different than the 1.6s. 
@pinwa, Like you, I’m not sure I’ve optimized the placement, but I just don’t have a lot of room to play with. Also, on some recordings, the Maggie magic is there, on others it’s missing. I suppose one could say that about any loudspeaker. Maggies have their “lane”, and when they drift out of that lane, the results can be underwhelming. I still love them though. : ) 
Hey, thanks again everyone for your advice, comments, etc. Much appreciated. Here’s a photo of my listening/living room. Very soon, I’ll have a finished basement to equipment with audio gear. I have stuff laying around, so no sweat at all. 😀 ~ Jerry!An_54gE357_Hgz7DOHj7tWsOVwsX
@dancole "and now have the Tekton DIs (but with ribbon tweeters instead of the standard arrays)."

I didn't realize that Tekton made ribbon tweeters an option for the DI or for any of there other speakers for that matter. This is news to me.
Interesting thread! When I divorced, my gear went into storage for 5+ years. It was older to begin with but when I finally got another place of my own where I could really settle in, I found getting my familiar gear out and setting it back up again rather comforting. For a couple years it never occurred to me to get new stuff! It was nice to refamiliarize myself with my old friends. Time went by, a new house and new wife (who loves the music!). Now for the past couple of years I've been upgrading and tweaking, and while I don't see me changing speakers, getting a new amp, preamp, cables, etc. have proven to be fun and actually therapeutic. Sorry for babbling on! Do let us know how the change goes. Good luck!