Maggies to Tekton?

Hey Audiogon-ers.  I've only posted a few times, as I mostly enjoy reading the threads and comments.  I've been a 20+ year Maggie owner, and I currently have the 1.7s in my "new" (post divorce) house.  I'm a big Maggie fan, but lately I've been craving something different...something with oomph and excitement - a dynamic speaker that will get my mojo going on jazz and modern rock.  The Tekton line-up piques my interest, especially the affordable models - Mini Lore  and Lore Ref.  I mean, damn, for under a grand I can take the plunge.  Plus, they have a  60 day return policy!  My amp is the McIntosh MA 252, and I have a Sony HAP player for digital and Music Hall 'table for LPs. My questions:  For the extra money, is the Tekton Lore Reference the way to go?  Is there another affordable, high efficiency brand that I should consider?  Is there anyone out there who has gone from Maggie to another (dynamic) brand and hasn't regretted the move?  Thanks! 

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I’m a little late to this party, but I have some experience here... I’ve owned Maggies (5 different models) for the past 33 years. I’ve also, concurrently, owned many other “traditional” speakers... including Tekton. There’s just something about them that sounds “real” that box speakers don’t seem to get right (IMO). I typically have more than one system running, and I swap components in and out, and I’ve *wanted* to replace the Maggies, but nothing has stayed in the main system very long. That said, I tried a pair of entry level tektons (mini lore), due to the price and praise. Honestly, they left me wondering what the fuss was about. Now these were their LEAST ambitious speakers, but they were purchased to replace PSB Alpha B1 stand mounts ($300/pr), and quite honestly, the PSBs sounded better to me. I gave them a chance.. different amps, positions, rooms, sources, etc., but ultimately decided to return them. Paying $200 bucks for shipping them back kinda stung, and then they “forgot” to refund me (until I contacted them to find out what’s up). That’s my Maggie/Tekton story! I’d keep the Maggies so you can compare directly in your home. Also, speaking from a lot of experience, Maggies can sound great in many rooms with many different amps, but it sometimes takes some work and patience. And they DO NOT need a million watts of power. I currently have a 100 w/ch tube amp (Music Reference RM200II) driving them and I’m very satisfied. Ymmv
I’d like to back up what wester17 wrote about the small tweaks for the 1.7s. I installed a fuse bypass kit (in over 30 years if using Magnepan speakers I’ve only blown one fuse and it was my fault), silver jumpers, and Sound Anchors stands. These tweaks, along with experimentation in placement, make a big difference. I too plug my amp straight into the wall. I have a sub as well, but I rarely use it. Proper placement in a good room allows these speakers to produce more bass than most give them credit for.