Maggies that will fit my QUAD's...

Can you suggest a Magneplanar speaker that can be powered by my QUAD mkII tube amps... they are rated at approx 12 watts @ 16ohm. A little to weak or what?

Thank you,
Dewald Visser
i'm afraid are great amps, but maggies will not be campatible. i used to run them with jbl monitor types...4312 mkIVs and 4412s and that was incredible. also klipsch heresys and cornwalls
Not enough power to really get the best from Maggies. You need at least 50wpc for MMGs.
NO! You won't get the best from the amp or the speakers.
Two older models will work with decent PP EL84 in a medium sized room @ reasonable SPL's.

SMG and SMGa.

Mated SMGa's with a Pilot 232 and a Pilot 240 3-4 years ago and ran SMG's with an Eico HF-81 in the early 1980's.

Magnepan no longer refurbishes either model.