Maggies New or Older Models???

OK, I want to get my feet wet and try some Maggies entry level models. Am I better to look for the higher priced older models used or purchase the entry level model like the 1.6s or the next level down.

Also, what about room placement?

How much room can you give them? If you've got a large space, I can heartily recommend the MGIIIA. They are often listed here on the 'Gon for 700 - 800 dollars. Heavy, big and expensive to ship, so keep that in mind.

If your room isn't real big, you might want to look at the MMG. A very nice speaker, and good intro to the "maggie sound" You can order a new pair direct for about 500.00 from

The MMG isn't sold through dealers, factory direct.

They all need room to breathe. So- well out into the room and away from side walls. They can be finicky to set-up.
Start with the 1.6qr's, used for a $1k FAR better than MMg's
Live and learn w/ the demanding Maggies untill you reach that level of enjoyment that makes it all worthwhile. I am
about to jump the 3.6's and go straight to the 20.'s used.No
other speaker can give so much for so little $. I would try to pick up your used speakers if possible: no surprises and no shipping problems.Good Luck ! You are on the right path.
I love my 1.6's but if you want any volume or dynamic range you will need a lot of power. As stated above they need to be placed well out into the room for the best bass response and imaging, at least 4 ft from the back wall. If these things do not bother you I recommend the 1.6's for about $1000 used on Agon.
I think Slipknot is right on. I think the III series consistently provide the best value in Maggie line and most others for that matter.
I've been listening in a small room to SMGa's for years now. They are so musical, they are astonishing. Don't expect booming bass but for vocals and violins they're are excellent. It's like Senn 600's six feet away from my ears. You can pick them up used for perhaps $250. Note they devour power logarithmic to volume.
As I write this and listen to my brand spankin new (refurbished) Maggie 3.5s I am glad I researched at length what Maggies sound like. First realize that if you purchase Maggies 1.6 or higher you will need to spend mula for power. You don't have enough! They need +500 watts per channel mono/bridged to sound good.

My suggestion is if you like the maggie sound and can afford $1,800 look at used 3.5s and spend the rest on amp/preamp ugrades. You will be happy.

Happy listening :)
Other than concerns about adequate power, you could also save some $ by looking for a pair of the older 3.3's or 2.6's, both of featured the true ribbon tweeter like on the current 3.6 or the previous 3.5 (not employed on the discontinued 2.7 or current 1.6), but at a lower cost than those typically go for. I agree about the need for real estate behind the speakers, but feel that they're actually not that sensitive to closer side-wall proximity. One good thing about Maggie's, though, is that they're relatively easy to move, so you can mark their optimum floor placement with a little tape or something, move them back out of the way when you're not listening, and bring them out only when you are.
The 1.6's are hard to beat. Especially if you can pick up a used pair. Make sure you have plenty of amplification power and current to drive them with.