Maggies damaged in transit questions

Purchased Maggie 3.5s in mint condition on Audiogon from Maggie dealer arriving last friday a week ago. The box was damaged on the outside and noted by the delivery driver and I signed what the delivery person called possible crushing on the delivery invoice. Result, One speaker spit frame about 6 inches down the frame and will not play. The other speaker rattles when played. Both speakers have scratches on them. The speakers must have been dropped.

I emailed the Maggie dealer of the issue immediately and followed up by phone. The store person was very nice mentioning she would do all the processing of the claim.

Yesterday I recieved an email from the store that it could take 3 weeks to recieve the insurance claim. Wanting a photo emailed to her. I do not have a camera and told her they are available for the shipper BAX to see any time.

What more do I need to do?
I am concerned that the timing for filling a claim could run out while I am waiting?

You need to be talking with the manager and just some store person to get what you need. Be nice, but firm.

Filing the claim is the seller's responsibility and they should ethically reimburse you or send you a new one as a replacment right now. You should NOT be waiting for the claim to be reimbursed to the seller to get your money back.

If it takes them time to get reimbursed, that's the risk in selling anything. You shouldn't bear the brunt of this.
good luck,
The dealer should replace the speakers immediately.
If you have a problem call the Manufacturer and provide the details of the problem, and fax a sales receipt as proof.
I am sure that the manufacturer will resolve the issue.
Electrostatic speakers are very delicate, and the only safe way to ship them is on a wooden pallet using a reputable trucking company.
I am a Quad dealer, and that is the only way Quads are shipped period!
You may also wish to consider picking the speakers up at the truckers terminal if it is close to your home,thus eliminating extra handling by the trucker.
I agree with Angela100. Being a Maggie dealer, they should be very familiar with the trials of shipping Magnepan loudspeakers. Maggies are incredible speakers, but are quite delicate. I know, I have owned several pair. The first TWO pair that were shipped to me came damaged. Finally, after the dealership decided to send them OVERNIGHT at THEIR expense, I received the third pair in good shape. The dealer never questioned the damage and had a replacement pair in the works immediately each time. Since then, I have upgraded to larger Maggies without issue.

You may not have this luxury since the 3.5's are not a current model and many dealers have a limited supply of current models on hand do to waiting periods. The bottom line...your dealer should take care of you first, and then worry about getting the reimbursement from the shipper. Good luck!!
In your case the dealer should be going out of their way to fix your problem. The obvious solution would be to refund your money and the dealer takes care of the claim. However, if you had purchased them from a private individual this would not be the case as the buyer usually assumes the risk for shipping unless the seller is willing to take this risk and that is established up front. It is true that the seller must process the claim though. This is a grey area and one that buyers and sellers should work out before anything gets shipped so that there are no misunderstandings in the event that something does get damaged.
as far as the waiting for the claim, just like everything else involving hi-end audio... a lesson in patience.
i've waited three weeks for an inspection agent to make an appointment and view my damaged vpi dustcover. i'm sure weeks to follow before the issue is resolved.
as in above posts i'd be leaning on the dealer. kurt
Update: Waiting for shipper (BAX) to arrange to see speaker damage and most likely return to store. My credit card has been charged but the bill has not arrived. I told the Audio dealer I would be patient until the credit card bill arrives and if the speaker bill is on the bill I would refuse payment. The speakers are here waiting to be looked at by the carrier.

The dealer Audio Solutions (Sarah) is OK with this. The dealer will not upgrade to new 3.6 due to a $2000 price difference in cost. What a shame they are exactly the color and model I wanted and searched 1 year to purchase.
Lance, most credit card companies are on line now and you set up an account where you can view your statement real time and not wait. Does your credit card offer buyer protection?

Buyer protection? I am not sure? After talking to the Dealer I am considering the option of having the Speakers sent to Magnepan repaired to mint condition and accepting the speakers. Anyones thoughts to this?
Given you have the dealer's agreement to pay all costs incurred (except that portion you are willing to absorb) and you have the option to talk to Magnepan after they examine the speakers to confirm the repairs will meet all expectations (i.e., the speakers can be adequately repaired) I'd go for it.

Allow me to add the warning that my perspective is potentially skewed by having lusted after various Magnepans for some time now. Unfortunately, my room would castrate them, a shame I'm not willing to endure.