Maggies and Wells Audio together

I own a Wells Audio Inamorata and I am considering purchasing Maggie 3.7i. What do you think of that amp/speaker combo? The amp is 150wpc.
Hi jimbones, You will love the 3.7i ! Although I would prefer more power your Wells will do fine up to around 90 dB. Sonically it will be fine. If you ever decide to get subwoofers your headroom will increase to 95 dB. I have set up two 3.7 and four 20 series speakers with subwoofers so if you ever get to that point I would be happy to help.

Having reviewed and owned the Innamorata, and reviewing the .7, and owning the 1.6, I suggest that while it would be ok, it would not be the most advantageous combination. No fault on either part, just imo too laid back. Maggies are not the last word in presence and dynamics (I am not interested in debating that with anyone). 

If your budget permits, I would put an amp like the Innamorata with a speaker like the PureAudioProject Trio15 Horn 1, also reviewed for You would have a great deal more presence and dynamic action with that setup. The open baffle of the PAP Horn 1 would be similar in some respects to the Maggie. 

I could make either one work fine with the Innamorata, given source, cabling, etc. but the Maggie would sound laid back and lacking in impact compared to the Horn 1. Legacy Audio (reviewed several times for speakers also sound very good with the Innamorata. 

Many other options abound, and you will have no shortage of recommendations, even from people who don't use the gear. 
I do have subs GR Research OB subs 2x12 with servo amps. Only 90 db with 150 wpc?!

I dont want to hijack this thread. So may I talk to you to get your thoughts on the PAP vs the maggie 1.6's......please?
jimbones I am SO jealous that you have new 3.7's AND the cool Gr Reaseach subs!! 
Best to everyone 
I don't own Maggie's, I am considering them for purchase
Your amp will do 200 watts at 4 ohm so should be okay unless you really like cranking the volume. I have 3.7i a truly great speaker.
johnto, thats right I forgot about 4 ohm rating a little over 200 wpc.