Maggies and solid core wires

I've seen a few references to using solid core wire with Magnepan speakers. Has anyone had any experience with this config. What's the up or down side? Seems like RF might be a problem. Where might I find a source for high quality wire of this type?
Try Home Depot or Lowes 6 GA. For about 47 cents a foot it's worth a try.
I currently am using a lesser gauge of Monster Cable's straight copper wire. I forgo the bannana ends and just put the straight exposed wire into the back. RF does not seem to be a problem, I listen to mostly vinyl and the signal is good and clean up to 11.
Maggies like Silver also.

When I owned Maggies I used AQ wire which worked good.

Solid Core has worked good with Maggies with people that have used mine. Solid Core sould work with any setup I know of.

Try doubling the return run to get more dynamics which works in my setup.