I have always been a box speaker person with top of the line Harbeths being my preference. Recently, I had occassion to a super! great deal on a pair of Magnepan 20.1's with the Cherry rails. Now, I've never heard a Magneplanar speaker so didn't know what to expect. I went to the sellers home fully expecting to be disapointed but wow, they sounded great. Anyway, it was too good a deal to pass up and now, they are in my home....I must add that the WAF ain't all that great because these things are monsters. NOW, I have the task of properly powering these speaks. I have them hooked up to a single Cary CAD200 amp thats doing 350W a channel and WOW but feel more power could be better so I'm searching for a best fit mono or single amp that will do these justice. A little hard for me because I'm a tube amp person and the tubes I've got just ain't gonna cut it with 4 ohms. Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

I use Pass X600.5s with my Magnepan 20.1 speakers and after many systems in pursuit of satisfaction in this hobby I am extremely satisfied with this combination. The 20.1s do need a lot of power to sound their best so my recommendation would be to go with a good high powered solid state amp like the Pass amps or Brystons as recommended by Recordho. I've owned and enjoyed Harbeths also but I plan to stay with the Magnepans for the long run. Congratulations on the great deal. I purchased mine new through a local dealer and they're a fantastic deal at retail IMHO.
Maggies are a nearly resistive load but draw tons of current. So any high current amplifier will work well.
I've heard the 20.1 sound very good on a BAT Vk-500 and Vk-600.
Get two Vk-500 on the used market and run them as monos. There won't be anything new that would come close for the price.

Good luck!
I drive my 20.1s with Krell fpb 350 monos so they give me 700 watts per speaker at 4 ohms. I love the set-up but would also consider Brystons if given the opportunity. Congratulations on a great purchase. BTW, WAF is low here too but the expensive kitchen keeps us on a neutral playing field!!
Get rid of them, and buy some box speakers that "punch" the bass like you like.....dipoles don't do that. (been there, still doing that).

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