I am setting up a "budget" system in a basement office (~10x15) and want to return to a Magnepan speaker. I have owned both the 2.5 and IIIa and know how well they can sound. My problem is that I can only get a couple of feet off the back and side walls. I have read all the reviews and comments on the the MMG and MG12 and it seems that the quasi ribbon will limit the sound of those speakers if too close to the walls. Now the question! I have achance to pick up a pair of 1.4s no QR and a limited top end (18Kh) which I think may sound better in the above circunstance. I would appreciate your thoughts and comments. Thanks Dave
I owned 1.4s at one time. Good speaker. Your setup may not be ideal but should sound quite good. If the price is right, go for it.

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Back in the old days I ran a pair of MG 2 Series in a 9.5 ft x 15 I would hold out for a used pair of Magnepan 1.6 read the manual and you should be fine.
Good luck Johnnyr
Do yourself a favor and go with a different speaker. Maggies are great when they can breath. When they cant they arnt.

I have a pair of SMGc's in the corner of a small (11x15 feet) room. The left speaker tweeter (tweeters on the outside) is about 4 inches from the sidewall, the right is maybe 2 feet from the opposite wall. I have acoustic wedge foam along the sidewalls to limit high frequency reflections and absorb some of the back wave. I think the sound is pretty good considering the room size and corner placement. I am also using digital equalization to counteract the small room frequency response (Behringer DEQ2496).
I would agree...although you are sold on the Mags...and granted when properly assembled and with the correct material(vocals,small jazz ensemble,acoustic,etc)they can sound amazing...however...there are plenty of more conventional speakers...that can sound equally compelling....and are easier to implement in a room your size with your note: the mg12 is severly bass challenged when playing reggae,hip-hop,techno,etc...the 1.6 is much better in this regard