Maggie1.6 bi-wire or single?

I have a pair of Maggie 1.6's and they are now bi-wired with Alpha Core MI2 Veracity and soon I will have a single run of Acoustic Zen Satori. Ever since I read an article where the reviewer prefered a single run to "mantain the coherance" I have always wondered if this is noticable. I am leaning toward the single run as I would like to preserve this quality if indeed it is true.

What do you Audiogoners prefer single or bi-wire?

thanks in advance,
Biwiring Maggies is better. A lot better. Even better if you get an aftermarket crossover.

Back when I had my 1.5's I used AP Oval 12 bi-wires and then went to HT Pro 9+ single wires with HT jumpers and prefered the HT. Not really a fair comparison as the cables were not from the same manufacturer not were they the same model but it may indicate that a very good single wire application may better (depending on your ears) a "lesser quality" bi-wire application. As always YMMV...
I've tried bi-wired MIT Terminator 2's and Silver Sonic T-14's, but got better sound with a single run of XLO Reference Type 5 speaker cables. This combination is the best so far in my system.

In my experience, bi-wiring is better than a single run of the same wire.

However, I find that a single run of a significantly better wire will sound better and be more bang for your buck than bi-wiring.

So in most cases I would advise upgrading to a better single run wire over bi-wiring with your present wire.

By the way I don't sell Acoustic Zen, but that's damn good stuff.

I bi-wire my Maggies, but I agree that a better single run could be the way to go IF (and this is the all mportant if) you replace the maggie jumper with a jumper from very good speaker wire with excellent plugs - zip plugs, or bare wire or maybe WBT midline bananas. The factory jumper are a big drag on the sound and getting rid of them is probably close to half of the benefit when people first go to bi-wire.
I know it is often a debate in these forums about biwire or single but this looks like biwire is the way to go. I will report back on the Satori single run tomorrow and compare them with my biwire MI2 (which is holding its own very nicely with my recent IC upgrade). I suspect I will go with the Satori because I do like their 'house sound'.

I agree Duke about the AZ stuff I just got their IC's and am blown away, my stereo has been transformed. As soon as I heard their IC's at a friends house I ordered some the next day. I am so happy I did.

Fineberg I agree about the jumpers, I just dangle the wire harness out the back of the speakers and hook speaker wire up with spades and hold them down with the nuts that tighten the banana plug recepticals. I move the tweeter wire (from the speaker) to the bass post and tighten all three together.

Tok20000 I will someday get the new crossover components, these are incredible speakers and worth getting the most from, also the new crossover is a reasoably priced upgrade.

I will report back, thanks guys!

The Satori I bought is used and therefore broken in.

After listening to the AZ Satori I am amazed at the things it does right, it is very open and detailed, much more so than the MI2 Veracity, it also sets a beautiful soundstage with tons of air around all instruments.

I am a little concerned about the balance of my system with the Satori, the amount of bass has gone down (even though the bass quality has gotten tighter and more dynamic) and the treble has increased to the point where it sounds lean, with the MI2 it was a little warm.

Does anyone know if biwired Satori would change the tonal balance? I am sure it would be an improvement but in what way?