Maggie versus Magico

Heard latest Magico speakers recently on a very high end tube-based dealer set-up. The system delivered a sound that was very "Maggie" like to my ears, with the small box/dynamic design Magico minis on stands, perhaps as much or even more so than any other similar box/monitor design speaks I have heard recently.

So I was wondering if anybody has actually done a/b comparisons between MAgico and Maggies and would share their observations?

Are the Magicos worth the extra investment? I would expect that they may be easier to place properly in most rooms, so if you must have the Maggie sound in a room with more limited placement options, maybe Magico is the way to go, if you can afford them?

I have a small pair of Triangle Titus monitors that when acquired convinced me that box monitor designs can be as smooth, clean, accurate and transparent as Maggies on my rather moderate cost system. These cost a pittance compared to the Magicos. Is it technically even valid to compare a pair of Triangle Titus or Cometes that can be acquired for <$1000 to a much more expensive design such as the Magicos?
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Thanks. The Ohms are keepers for sure! I feel comfortable stating that they are definitely at least in the same league as the best speakers that I've been able to lay my ears on over the years, which is the best I can hope for with a limited budget. Definitely worth a listen for many that might otherwise be tempted to take out a second mortgage to achieve their audio goals with Magico, MBL, German Physik, or many other high end speaker systems.

I figure if the Magicos or MBLs are the audio equivalent of the Boston Red Sox these days, my Ohms are perhaps the Oakland A's (in a good year).
"I figure if the Magicos or MBLs are the audio equivalent of the Boston Red Sox these days...."

Being a NYer... I'm not sure how to take that comment? Ha ha
Jaybo, what the heck are nekton dynaco25 replicas?
That's how I got started long ago. Thanks!

The baseball analogy for the Magicos was a toss up between the Sox and Yankees based on the cost of delivering a quality product. Unfortunately (for NYers), the SOx have been more successful of late so I had to go with them.

Nothing personal NYers, though, I do love NY and that's actually where I heard Magicos even though they are made in California, I believe.

The Ohms are made in Brooklyn, however, so there is a true NY connection there! NY O's? Brooklyn O's anyone?

Maybe the Baltimore O's are heading in the right direction these days, so I could possibly use them for the Ohm analogy sometime soon without any negative connotations.

Jaybo, I was also wondering about nekton dynaco25 replicas. A quick google search came up empty. What are they and what makes them special?