Maggie's and cats

I am thinking of taking the plunge on a pair of Maggie 1.6's for my second system (surround system). They seem like the best sound I can get for the money. I have two great reservations however named Heebee and Geebee.......... my two cats. I had the speakers home for a couple of days for audition with no troubles, but can just imagine walking in the door one night to find they have been turned into a huge jungle gym/scratch post by my two manx'. Is anyone out there in a similar situation? Has anyone found any solutions to the problem. Up until now I had not even considered these speakers for this very reason; thing is I really like the sound (and value).

On the floor in front of and behind each panel, place a square of cardboard with carpet tacks sticking up from the bottom. Not the most attractive, but effective. Another possibility (expensive) is the use of the indoor version of the Invisible Fence. I would keep the juice turned off while using my system however.

Or, see Slappy's response:)
The Cure? A couple shells of buckshot and double barrel 12 gauge should do the trick. Preferably outside.