Maggie repair

Has anyone tried 3M 444 two sided tape to re-attach loose coils to the mylar? If this tape is as strong (and expensive) as they say I'm wondering if it isn't worth the trip. Might beat the hell out of acetone and messy glue. Also seems it would keep a more constant distance between coils and the mylar surface. Any thoughts?
seems like it would add more weight than the glue and slow transient response of the mylar
the standard repair is the 3m spray adhesive. But really, sending it back to Magnepan is the cure. They will fix it like new, and I was shocked at how cheap it was to have them fix my 3.6's when I had that problem.

The shipping's not cheap, but they really don't charge any more than it costs, that's for sure.

Check the MUG group for planar sppeakers on for instructons.

I have repaired my 3.5s on three occasions. Its not particularly difficult. If you need help you can email me by clicking on "gmorris" below.

I decided to repair the 3.5s myself because of the high cost of shipping to the Magnepan facotry.

You need a 3M spray glue (will provide details) and a special sealant that you need to order from Magnepan