Maggie Rear Speaker Jumpers

I recently tried replacing the rear jumpers on my 3.6R's with some solid 18 ga wire that has a large percentage of silver. The results were like moving closer to the stage; especially noticable were leading transients, everything is just slighly clearer. I'm sure other jumpers will yield different results...has anyone tried this?
Wings, if you think your mod yielded an improvement, imagine what replacing a six(!) ft. piece of cable running from the bottom of the panel to the top of the ribbon tweeter with something of quality, or hardwiring the jumpers, or, or... My experience has been that the Maggies are a tweaker's delight. Their sound can be improved far beyond stock. If you haven't already, check out The Planar Speaker Asylum, Maggie User's website etc. The croossover mods are incredible for the sound. Have fun.
I have a custom set of jumppers made for me by Pierre @ Mapleshade. I was very happy with the improvement they made in my Maggies.Good luck & hope you find something that works for you.
Are these the silver units which Magnepan supplies to mate the external crossover to the back of the speaker? Also what is the web site or address for the Magnepan tweakers group? Mike
This is the site you are looking for.
Rgd:That url doesn't work.
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