Maggie owners HELP PLEASE!

Picking up a a pair of Maggies 3.5r cant pass on the deal and need some BI amp help. I do have 2 Hsu sealed ULS mkII's for the real bass but they dont have a high pass output not to mention I like to run my Dunlavys Full range.

Amps on hand are a pass Aleph 5 and an Aragaon 8008BB. Driven direct from a PS Audio perfect wave dac. Both RCA and XLR can be driven simultaneously. 

So question is will the Pass Labbs Aleph be able to drive the top end and run the Aragon 8008BB for bass? My experience to date is less is more in the chain? What are your suggestions given the new DSP Xovers and me liking a very pure signal path. Would it make sense to just use a passive volume control for the Aragon 8008BB since that is the power house and most likely to be be over based? I have no exp with Bi Amping below are the specs for both amps.My thought was to use the RCA out into the Aragon while the XLR to the Pass and since again I have no idea what Im doing with Bi Amping not sure if this makes sense or not. Looks like 22Kohm for the Aragon RCA and 25 Kohm for the Pass and 90 Watts at 4ohm for the Pass and 400 into 4 ohms with the Aragon. Also I have no idea what dampning factor and slew rate is and to be honest I dont care... So long as this will sound magical Im good. Ive always loved Maggies when driven correctly but been devoted to my Dunlavys that I will never sell.

My poor kids are just gonna get some old speakers and audio gear when I die.. My son will be happy but pretty sure my daughters gonna be pist. 

Aragon 8008BB
Two channel power amplifier; 200 watts rms/ch into 8 Ohms, both channels driven, 5 Hz - 20 kHz; 400 watts rms/ch into 4 Ohms; Input impedance 22 kOhms (44 kOhms balanced); Sensitivity 0.12V rms for 1 watt output into 8 Ohms; THD 0.06%; S/N 110 dB; Damping factor 500; Size 6 1/2"H x 19"W x 14"D; Weight 77 pounds; 

Aleph 5 - Pass Labs 
Response - 0.5 dB at 2 Hz, -2 dB at 100 KHz Power Output 60 watts/ch 8 ohms 90 watts/ch 4 ohms Maximum Output 30 volts, 8 amps Distortion (1KHz) 1 % @ 60 watts, 8 ohms 3% @ 90 watts, 4 ohms Input Impedance 10 Kohm unbalanced 25 Kohm balanced differential Damping factor 50 nominal Output Noise 600 uV unweighted DC ...

Thanks in advance for your help... please dont let me make your mistakes... "Maggie-one your my only hope!" 
Yes StarWars Homage.
One more important Maggie thought.  The absolute best bang for the buck are Mye stands if the so not come with your speakers.
you may want to go over to Audio Asylum to their planar section they have a very experienced Maggie following