Maggie choices help

Maggies used:
What is the differnce between the 1.6 (newer) and 2.6 (older) w/ a real ribbon tweeter in sound? Have a Velodyne ULD 15 for bass now I want the Mid/Highs.

I believe I have enough power to get started 2 NAD 2600 amps.

A lot will have to do with the dimensions of your room. Why not supply them along with the other system particulars?
I read in one of the trade magazine from about 2-3 years ago that the 1.6 was better than the 2.7 (not 2.6). I think he preferred the 2.7 tweeter but overall the 1.6 was better. Sorry I cannot get more specific but, being a Maggie owner I remembered he preferred the 1.6.
Take the 1.6QR's and buy some Sound Anchor stands for them. Alone, the 1.6's are better than the 2.6's or 2.7's and, with the Sound Anchor stands (I have them on mine), the performance level is raised by a couple more notches. The Sound Anchor stands (about $300 retail)improve every aspect of the 1.6's sound. In fact, I prefer my 1.6's to even the 3.6's in my room. Enjoy!!
Ok Here is my system. I said the 2.6 Vs 2.7 because of the last year for Ribbon tweeters in the 2 series. I don't want to spend More then $1500 of speakers leaving out the 3.0 series.

Pre: Adcom GTP 500II
EQ: Lumark 2250 (to get the most out of the speakers)
Amps: 1 NAD 2600A, 1 Nad 2700
CD: Nakamichi CDC3a
Speakers: ADS M12 Towers
Sub: Velodyne ULD 15II

What do you feel is my weakest link needing upgrading? I may next look to buy Maggies and/or try a tube preamp.

You all are terrific! My system has improved thanks to this sight and all you audiofiles help!


Room size 18 by 18 with 10ft. ceilings

Where are you located at in the country. I have a pair of 2.7QR and would be happy to let you come over and hear them.
My opinion is not nearly as worthy as the rest. I have never owned Maggies. With that said, I have always thought every incarnation of the "3" series to be the most compelling.