Maggie 3.6R volume problem


I have a pair of Maggie 3.6R's and with a weird problem.

One speaker sounds just fine but the other one....the only way I can describe it is that it sounds like it has less volume than the other speaker. It sounds washed out for both the treble and the bass. 

Started sounding this way recently for no apparent reason.

I checked the fuses and disconnected and reconnected the crossover and that did not help.

Any suggestions?
Call Magnaplan and get their advice.
In the meantime, why not change the speaker cables from L-R to R-L.
If it is the amp or preamp, then you will hear the change and can proceed accordingly.
Also make sure your speakers are wired in phase.

Magnepan gives out resisters you install to roll off the top end if you find the highs are too harsh. Check to make sure you don't have just 1 installed.
I hooked up another pair of speakers with no problem.

Also checked the resistors and they look okay.

I guess it is call Magnepan in the morning.
(((I checked the fuses)))
 Did you use a voltmeter continuity test
 or just look em over?
See if the conductive wires glued onto the Mylar are delaminating. Very common with older Maggies. Fix them, then sell them and get a pair of Eminent Technology LFT-8b's, whose magnetic-planar panels have vapor-deposited conductive elements rather than high-mass wires. They are also a push-pull design, as opposed to the Maggies single-ended m-p drivers.
" Also checked the resistors and they look okay. "

Just to be sure, pull the resistors out of both speakers and listen.