Maggie 3.6R driven by Antique Sound labHurricane??

I recently purchased a pair of maggies 3.6R and will be using the Njoe Tjoeb cd player. I own a pair of modified Outalw 200 monoblocks and I am considering the purchase of the Antique Sound lab Hurricane power amplifier . Are there any other tube amp options I should consider and has any body driven their maggies with the Hurricane? I will appreciate advise especially because my location prevents me from auditioning equipment.

Thanks Muata
Muata, I understand the AL's are 200w/channel. I had Cary V12' Monoblocks also at 200w/channel - not enough power to open up the 3.6's soundstage. It's also difficult to play at louder volumes since the amp will clip and blow your tweeter fuses. Concensus seems to be a minimum of 500 watts to get the best out of the 3.6.

I drive my 3.6's with an Audio Research VT220....the sounds are addition, a audiophile friend drives his 20.1's with Audio Research Reference monoblocks.........sounds are even more incredible.......both, of course, are tubed amplifiers....
Well, contrary to the previous replies, I'm driving the 3.6s with a pair of Rogue M120 monoblocks at 120 watts per channel and everything sounds mighty fine. I don't have experience with other amps so I cannot say that I wouldn't be happier with an amp that would provide more finese and weight. I do have a fairly small room for the 3.6s at approx. 18x15x8. Those babies still get awfully loud with a mere 120watts of tube power. Hope this helps.
Like Hartwerger, I'm driving a pair of 3.6R's with tube amps with less than Herculean output. (150 watt c-j's) One big issue that you should be aware of is how loud do you listen? Buy a Radio Shack sound meter. Use it to determine the highest volume level you usually listen at. Remember that the Maggies will output 83db at 1 watt. 100 watts will get you about 103db max for example. The loudest I have had mine is about 98db, so I've got some cushion.
I agree with Rooze, until you get BIG power on the Maggies you are not hearing what the speakers are capable of. I tried tube amps and while they were great in the midrange, everything else suffered signifcantly.