Maggie 3,6's with levinson 20.amp any thoughts

I have maggie 3.6's and am building system up. Any thoughts on Levinson 20 amps or Rowland 7's ?

Thanks for any replys

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Maggies thrive on high-current, high-power amps - they need amps with lots of "balls" to sound their best. Find some of these and your system will surely sound better...

RLwainwright has succinctly captured the conventional wisdom on driving Maggies with solid state amps. There have been many threads on driving the 3.6's specifically, which you should consider if you haven't already. Magnepan typically uses brystons. Others have had good results using high current amps from Pass, Cary, Plinius etc.

Tube amps with maggies also has a devoted following.
The new Carvers will have the needed Testosterone as will the big Manleys and a few other tube amps. For SS, Bryston is legendary, just get 500wpc or 300wpc if the room is smaller. Bel Canto is getting a following and McCormack is as well. Pass goes without needing much to be said other than they tend to make many tube devotees switch to the other side. Try all you can. Jallen
I tried a pair of Carver black beauty's 305 and they sounded terrible with my 20.1's. Not musical at all. mcintosh 501 sound excellent with them. wancan
Hi! My two-cents worth. I am using a Mark Levinson 325H 300 watter with my 3.6R. Sounds great. I was using a Krell FPB 200 to drive the Maggies. It sounded great too.
I am using a pair of old nakamichi pa 7s, one on each side biamping. Replaced a pair of adcom 555IIs. Naks are sweeter and smoother but lack the low end that adcoms had. Would love to try something newer (maybe built in this century) but alas I am pretty old as well. Best improvement I have made was anti-cables from Paul speltz. They did a great job of smoothing out the ribbons. Integration with midrange is now wonderful.