Maggie 3.6 Interconenct Upgrade

There is a lot of advertising, different forum comments, suggestions, etc. regarding the pins used by Magnepan to connect the crossover to the back of the Maggie 3.6 speakers.

The general opinion, based on what I have read, seems to be that the steel pins do not transmit the sound very well and one should upgrade to copper or silver interconnects.

My questions are three:

1. Is this really going to help on its own or should it be done in conjunction with a crossover upgrade?

2. The case is made that not using the steel pins helps to separate the crossover box from speaker frame vibrations which can distort the sound. Is this really audible?

3. Would all agree that the Mye stands are probably the most sonically noticable upgrade?

Thank you in advance for your learned responses!
dsper has Cardas junper kits for maggies. These are worth the small investment
Well, I own Magnepan 3.6 speakers.
The connectors are the same basic steel, so what is the difference? You have a steel sleeve, to steel conenction to steel sleeve.
If it makes you happier to switch the middle part to not steel..??
I actually moved my crossovers next to the amp, and have bi cabled Kimber 8TC wires. Which coincedentally the eight bared ends of 8TC just fit perfectly (bare wires) into the Magnepan openings..

I have the later larger 'vertical' crossover box, with better caps in it than earlier 'flat' crossover boxes

You can easily open the crossover boxes and insert whatever favorite dampening material you want into them, and on them.
I used some 3M dampening material.

As for 'upgrading' the crossover, not me. i did that on a prior pair of speakers, and though it did improve the sound, it also made the speakers impossible to sell. So stock for me is fine.
Hello Dsper - YES - Mye stands are going to be one of the best sonic investments you can make for the 3.6's - HUGE increase in resolution/clarity. Getting the crossover boxes off the back of the speakers by using 15"-18" jumpers (BFA bananas work very well) also gets rid of some nasty vibration and is worthwhile. Don't forget to upgrade the fuses as well - big improvement, particularly top to bottom balance at low volume levels. Good Luck and good listening!
When I had my 3.6s, I used these:

They were fantasic sounding and worked great. They have "Maggie Pins" for termination and fit very tight and snug.

I also agree that the Mye Stands are indeed a must for the best performance.

I see your posts quite often and you always have something to share that is common sense as was your comment about the steel connectors and steel sleeves.

So...unless one was to change out the whole crossover, why bother, is how I understand your remark.

Can you share how you decided on kimber cable versus something else?

I am not sure I believe anything about cable differences. I use thicker than lamp cord stranded copper wire for my speaker leads and ordinary interconnects.

Would you care to recommend any particular brand of fuses for upgrading?

Does this get into the copper or silver versus nickle or steel discussion?
I bought Kimber because it was locally available, because it was highly recommended over many years by a lot of folks who know stuff.
And I had it laying around because i bought it years ago.
When I bought the 3.6 about 2.5 years ago, my Kimber were set up differently, and i was in a hurry,, so I used some 12 gauge mil spec silver plated teflon coated wire. I did not bother with changing that for over 2 years...
(So you can see my non-worry about wire..)

Finally I just recently moved the crossover boxes, added the two pairs of Kimber, one original blue black on the bass, the other some of the clear/white later Kimber 8TC i had bought to use on the Maggies but never bothered to install.
And actually the one foot wire from the amp to the crossovers is still the 12 gauge millspec wire! (though I did bypass the ground input terminal and take the input wire directly to the output lug inside the box, since all it is IN the box is a wire from in directly to out.

Yeah the Kimber is a little better. but i am not worried about it.
Hello Dsper - There are now a whole LOT of specialty fuses available from HIFi Tuning, Audio Magic, Furutech, Iso-Clean, and SYnergistic Research ( to name a few). I am not going to go into a metalurgy discussion here as every "audiophile" has his/her own opinion as to which is better. I happen to like the single-element approach that HiFi Tuning uses ( not a seperate "burn element" bonded to lead wires in the fuse), but that is ONLY my personal preference. Just remember to use fast blow fuses (3A and 5A) and not slow blow fuses of whichever one YOU choose. Enjoy!
I would be curious to hear if anyone has compared the HiFi Tuning fuses to the new Synergistic Quantum.

" I use thicker than lamp cord stranded copper wire for my speaker leads "

Try using the same for your x/o boxes and see what that does for you.
Ditch the internal wires and crossovers
Install speaker leads(preferable same as speaker wire)18"+
Build new boxes for crossovers- damp boxes
Build crossovers with better caps and coil inductors
Upgrade wiring with same brand as speaker cable
Upgrade fuses
Upgrade binding posts
Dueland 1.2 resisters (cardas jumpers a little hot)
Mye stands
Very cohesive, clear, with better dynamics and bass
Th ultimate mod is the Magnestand mods this complete transformation
The best proven rebuild .send your maggi in .totally rewire,
A totally custom hardwood frame of your choice, external Xover using the Jupiter flat stack capacitors nd Mundorf Silver oil,
Jantzen Copper foil inductors, and Duelund resistors and this of is roughly around $2400 this will give you a World class loudspeaker in every respect.
You have to reserve a spot, then wait about6 months .