Maggie 3.6 and Counterpoint NP-220

Is anyone using or have used this combo? I'm close to getting some 3.6's and am wondering if my NP-220 will be enough power. It's currently running my 1.6's and sounds really good. Any input appreciated.

Get the Maggie 3.6 than worry about the amp. because maggie is the way to go.

Your NP-220 should have 400W/ch @ 4ohms, plenty of juice for the 3.6's.
Although two NP-220's in mono..... (aagghhhhhh NP-220 monos!; aka Homer)

Yes, I would love two NP-220's in mono! Maybe eventually... :-)

Then get thee a giant toob amp, I use the Manley Reference 350's on mine.

Not the word Naggy'ies yup that's right Nag Nag Nag,'
Your preamp could be clearer, I need more space, I need, I need, I need,

I still won't own anything else.

I ran Maggie 3.5 with the Counterpoint NPS400 for a couple years. This amp has the same power rating as the SA20/220 and NP220 amps. The amp performed incredibly well with the Maggies. There was never an issue of the sound being constarined. The Wolcotts that replaced the Counterpoint brought on a new level of dimensionality and bloom but at twice the cost....otherwise there was not a huge performance improvement here. Overall I would say the Counterpoint is the very best value amp for these speakers and I tried many ARC tubes amps here as well.

Well now that I have had a chance to hear this combo for myself I can say the NP-220 is powerful enough to drive the 3.6's very well. I have no complaints at all. Again I think two 220's mono would be even better but for now the audio bug in me is pleased...