Maggie 3.5 vs 3.6 big differnce?

Hello need some advice on this.Are the 3.6s much better in bass and detail and so on?
The improvement in the 3.6 vs the 3.5 are slight. The 3.6 are a little better in the midrange but not by much, in my opinion.
Great question. Most of us seem to wish for every "new" generation of gear from any manufacture to be great sonic leaps. Usually this is just not the case. I have had many sets of Magnepans, and the improvement from generation to genetation is real ..but subtle. I have often used the phrase that "a ten year old Ferrari, is not necessaraly a bad car". The above post hits it, more midrange detail and openness, and not much difference in the high end or bass.
Some of us actually feel that the older Maggies, while more restricted in dynamic range, had a more musical and pleasing midrange. Once you found the sweet spot, it was magic. I'm not specifically comparing the 3.5 vs 3.6, but the older designs to the newer ones. I am not a big fan of the latest QR models. They improved dynamics but sound much more "hi-fi" in my opinion. Personally, I would try and snatch up a pair of 3.5's at a sizable discount over the 3.6's.