Maggie 20.1 vs. Quad 989

Which one do you prefer and why?
I am thinking of using Tact Millenium 2 or Bel Canto Evo4. Any opinion would be appreciated.
I would prefer the Sound Lab over either and I have owned Quads and Maggies in the past. I've used the BC in stereo mode, gives 80% of the best amps which is pretty darn good (doesn't have the you are there quality of Wolcotts,etc.) I would think the Tact would be great if it allows you to compensate for the bass anomalies every room has.
I have used both and am still using Quad. OTL (Output transformerless) amps work very well with ESL speakers. Check out the Transcendent OTL T-8 mono blocks. They work especially well with Quad speakers.
Brian -

I considered becoming a Quad dealer, but the new models to my ears don't live up to the standard set by the older ones (both of which I have owned). Of the two new models, I prefer the 988.

I haven't heard the Maggie 20.1's, but extrapolating from having heard the 20's and owned the 3.6's, I'd say you can expect better depth and power from the Maggies, and a more natural tonal balance. Detail and nuance will be better on the Quads, as will low-level listening. The Quads also give you a wider range of amplifier options, as they aren't as demanding of power.

The speakers I own and sell are Sound Labs, and I think they do some things better than either the Quads or Maggies, but they're even more demanding of amplification.

Getting back to your original question, if I had to choose between the Maggie 20.1's and the Quad 989's, I'd probably take the Maggies. And I'd take either one over just about any box speaker in their respective price ranges.

Best of luck in your quest!

Interesting thread. I am contemplating moving up from the Maggie 12's to (maybe)the 3.6's and, like Brian, am interested in other similar speakers which might not have as small of a listening "sweet spot". Yeah, I know Soundlabs might be the obvious answer, but the bank account says "no way". Maybe something in the Quad line or ???