Maggie 20.1 and Marchand XM-44

I am thinking about moving to an active crossover for my Maggie 20.1's. The Marchand XM-44 seems to be a good fit but I'm not sure what frequencies to order. Is there anyone here that has experience with this particular pairing and what freq's and settings did you find that worked the best with these speaks. My inexperience with external crossovers has me totally in the dark here.
The Marchand crossover is junk compared to the Magnepan 20.1!

I suggest the Pass Labs XV-1 Crossover.
If I were you I would spend the money on replacing the maggie cross over with like for like, but with better parts.

The active way is not as good yet as the finest analogue passive. Unless you want to do something fancy in the active cross over special EQ or room correction etc.

I hope someone has a more direct and productive answer to Markus1299's question.

I have owned 4 sets of Magnepans over the last 30 years or so, and although I have never modified them, my understanding is that both upgrading the passive crossovers and biamping can yield significant improvements.

In the case of an active crossover, perhaps the quality may not be as good as the best passive, but it enables biamping obviously and potentially huge amounts of power.

Many Magnepan enthusiasts might argue this improves sound more than incremental improvements in the transparency of the crossover.
I politely disagree with Chadeffect, I never have heard a 20 or 20.1 even with modified passive X-overs sound any were close to the performance of these speakers when they are bi-amped with a good active crossover.

I recommened the Bryston 10B active crossover, it's what I use in my system with great results. I believe it retails now for around $3000.00. I agree that the Pass Labs crossover is terrific, but costs almost twice as much as the Bryston. I know Maggie owners who have run the experiement between these to active crossovers and they came to the conclusion that sonicly the Bryston is right there with the Pass Labs for alot less money. Both are extremely well built, see if you can find either used here on the GON.
I've owned the Marchand and currently own the Pass XVR-1. The Pass is an awesome piece with tons of flexibility. While I don't have Maggies, I am running ML CLS IIZ's and the Pass has been great integrating those with my JL sub.
I've never heard the Pass Xover, but I have heard an excellent 3 way Marchand on the 20.1's (sub attached to the active and crossed over at 34 hrz) with Pass amps on the bottom and ARC tubes on the top, and that was one of the best sounding systems I have ever heard.

Of course I need to say that the analog set up was top notch as well so.......
I pulled the trigger on the Marchand crossover and ordered the stock freq's as well as a few variations that plug in as modules. Will let you know what transpires. Phil Marchand is a good guy to deal with should you have the inclination.

I received the Marchand crossover yesterday and installed it last night. I am now running a Cary 120S tube amp(EL34) which powers the mid and high frequencies and Cary 500MB monoblocks powering the base of my Magnepan 20.1's.
I am shocked at the difference the Marchand has made. It's a completely different speaker. Sharper, more cohereant and bassey. I must say, I did not expect this much of an improvement. I have to experiment with the various modules to find the best slopes but for now, the sound is incredable.
So Markus, the Cary 120s is enough to drive the top end without distortion or clipping at high volumes?

If it is, I think I'm about to buy that amp, that crossover, and hook it up to my 3.6r's!

Glad to hear it sound good.

The 120S doesn't have any problem handeling the high end at all. The base I'm hearing out of these 20.1's I did not know exsisted. I've pushed them pretty loud just to see and doesn't seem to be a problem. Beware of all the additional interconnects and speaker wires you will need. The sound difference between the Magnepan, passive crossover and the Marchand powered crossover is really an eye opener. Do your 3.6r's have the same external crossover boxes as the 20.1's?
3.6 Crossovers are not the same. Much smaller, and I assume more limited than the 20.1.

If you get a chance, try this crossover. You will be surprised. I'm still experimenting with the plug in frequency modules but the sound is far and above the stock crossovers.
I know this is a very old thread but I just purchased a Marchand XM-44 for a pair of MG 20.1s & was curious as to what value modules you settled on.
Hi Salmonc:

I am using a Marchand XM-126 to biamp my 20.1s. I recommend using the cross-over values which replicates the existing settings on the 20.1s:

Low Pass: 108 Hz, 18 dB/Octave (Butterworth)
High Pass: 330 Hz, 6 dB/Octave (Butterworth)

Experiment with the phase on the bass connections to the speaker

You will be pleasantly surprised at the dramatic improvements in all musical parameters due to biamping
Gmorris, Thanks - but are you sure about the high pass values? I was under the impression the correct values are:
106Hz 6dB Low Pass
250Hz 18dB High Pass
The values I used for the 20.1 x-over are listed in the user manual (Section: #18). However, a range of frequencies for LP and HP will work depending on your room, etc.

106Hz 6dB Low Pass
250Hz 18dB High Pass

Should be ok also
Thanks, I don't have the manual! Would you mind sharing what you are using for amplification? I am exploring my options for optimal biamping possibilities: watts/channel, tube vs SS, etc. I'd be interested in what worked for you.

Click on "System" by Gmorris.
I did but wasn't clear what you were using to drive your 3.5s vs your 20.1s ...
Hi Salmonsc:

Currently, I am using the ARC VT100 MKII on the midrange/treble and the Kenwood L07M monos on the bass panels.

I am getting tons of bass, dynamics with >100dB SPL at my listening position. The combo is an excellent match: the Kenwood are very smooth which helps in blending with the ARC. Of course, many audiophiles will say that the ARC VT 100 is not powerful enough to extract the best performance form the 20.1s. But I am very happy with the results. The sound so far is incredibly musical, robust, pristine, panoramic, dynamic with tremendous bass impact and definition.
A Pass Xover set at the speaker manufacturers recommended crossover points and a pair of Bryston 4bst's has worked very well for me.

I have not tried other amps
Thanks, that's very helpful. Now I've grabbed the Marchand, I am in the process of trying to figure out what amps to use & in what configuration. Tubes on the mids/highs are tempting sound-wise but most are fairly low on watts ...