maggie 2.7 ?

looking for a ribbon speaker and the maggie 2.7 seem to fit the niche (mid size stat/company is open/replacements drivers available)..

is this still a viable maggie in 2007 ? any upgrades that can be done to push the performance of the speaker ?

btw, they will be driver with classe cam 350 mono blocks so no need about current from the amp.
anyone ?

I have the 2.7s and like them a lot. I bought them used 3 years ago through Audiogon and they're still going strong. I did compare them to the newer 1.6s and the 2.7s were definitely better in my opinion: fuller bandwith, deeper bass and more natural tonally. The 1.6s may not have been fully broken in but if Magnepan still offered the 2.7s they would be more expensive than the 1.6s. 2.7s are 3-way and 1.6s are 2-way speakers, both with internal crossovers. Also, they both use a quasi-ribbon, not the true ribbon like the 3.6s.

They do seem to need lots of power. I'm driving them with an Aragon 4004 (400 watts into the 4 ohm speaker load)coupled with a tubed preamp so your amps are plenty. Was thinking of trying a Classe amp myself. Haven't done any upgrades but am interested in possibilities as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed with these speakers. They hold their value well and you don't see too many pairs listed for sale, which tells you something. See ya.
I owned 2.7 and other maggies its a cool loudspeaker your amps would work well dont know about mods mine sounded good as I remember just a bit grainy compared to other more costly maggies. For the $800 or so they sell used for might be worth checking out.I bought mine used about 12 years ago for $900 sold them for $900 seen some still sell today for this price so might be worth the old buy and try if they make the shipment undamagedand;) and you dont like resell for what you paid.
thanks for the feedback....with apogee gone it is hard to find a full range ribbon that is reasonable priced...

i am not to worried about grain since the rest if my system is to the warmer side of neutral (audio aero prima mk2 dac, cec tl2 transport, and audio research ls-25 mk2)...

any suggestions on maggie upgrades beside the mye stands for this model ?