Maggie 1.7's?

So I stopped by a store just for fun and listened to the Maggie 1.7's. I'm blown away by how good I think they are.

Am I just awe struck or are they really that good?

I haven't had a chance to stop again as I was planning. Next week I suppose.
I heard them with some Mac gear. I wasn't impressed.
I agree, they are really that good.

I have owned Maggies for years, and 2 things:

1) I'm biased obviously, but I think nothing within twice the price comes close, and

2) Mac Gear NEVER sounds good with Maggies, I've always thought it a bad match. That said, there's a lot of speakers that sound great with Mac Gear.
I think that they're fantastic and can't be beaten for the money, if you have a big enough room so that they can breathe.
Ditto above, they are truly wonderful speakers. Must have an amp that is not faint of heart, and space to let them soar. A must audition speaker in my book.
Like the 1.7s? You'll love a pair of heavily modded 1.6s......Wood frames to replace the MDF and rotated to pole piece forward. Some even modify the crossover. And I mean an all-new design

For the price difference, if you are at all handy with wood, you can do it for about the same $$ and have a better speaker.

I always wondered about Mac and Maggie.....What's the problem? I've heard of bunches of combos with either....but NEVER together!
but where's the bass?
The McIntosh amps that I have owned have insufficient current to drive any Magnepan. No balls
Bottom octave sub, or wait for the 20.2!
The bass is there. Just not down to sub basement levels like a good sub.

for MOST music this is no problem. Lowest note on a non-Bosendorfer Piano is about 27hz, so LOTS of speakers considered audiophile won't do it.

Pipe organ? down to a nutty 16hz. How many full range speakers will do THAT?

Good setup in a proper room helps all speakers....even those pesky panels.
good to know, magfan. I haven't heard them yet, my ears on the streets all said good speaker, just no bass, no matter what the amp. Hopefully I'll get to hear a pair soon and hear for myself.
Wow I use a Mac 402 and a Mac 2300 tube preamp with my maggies I love the sound. I don't care what people tell you let Your ears be the judge.
You are the FIRST person I've ever seen post with a Maggie / Mac combo.

I know their must be more, but I simply have not seen it in print. ........

Do you think the MA6900 has enough guts? I don't do ear-bleed levels?
The reason is they are busy enjoying the music.I had a MA6900 with a pair of Maggie 3A'S It was ok not great,the MA7000 Was very good.Love my Maggies I had 3A'S for twenty years now have the 3.6R
Maybe the Mac folks down the street will loan me one for a couple days?
I gotta try this for myself!
I had the Mac 501's with my Maggie 3.6R's for about 2 weeks and the combo sounded muddy, slow, and the top end was very etched and harsh.

That said, those excellent amps found a quick home at a friends house with his big B & W's and sound absolutely stellar. Strong, huge bass, crystal clear highs.

Differt horses for different courses.

I do love Mac preamps with Maggies. I use Cary because it's a bit warmer sounding, and I like that with the Maggies.
Try the Mac's with anti cables they do it for me got me off the merry go round.