Maggie 1.7 placement

Hey Audiogon world, Happy Holidays!  So I've lived with my pre-owned 1.7s for about 6 or 7 months in my medium sized living room.  I guess I've never been really satisfied with the sound in this new environment...somewhat lifeless and boring.  And I'm a Maggie guy (3rd pair).  Anyway, I decided to bump them out into the room about 6 more inches and I decreased the toe-in a bit.  Wow...what a difference.  The air, the life, the Maggie magic is back baby!  Sure, they're kind of far out into the room, but hey, they're easy to move, so no biggie.  I'm curious to know if anyone has had an a-ha moment by tweaking placement a bit.   Cheers to good music (I'm spinning some Joe Jackson tonight)!
Happy Holidays too.
Mine came moving my Maggie 3.7 from 12"off the side wall to 18" what a difference, everything seemed to improve I have them in a smaller room only 12' wide.
Experimenting is the key.
Rocking to the Stones.