Maggie 1.6QR vs 2.7QR

I am contemplating used Magnepans and wondering if anyone had a strong opinion between these two. The 2.7 is a 3 way with a larger bass panel but the 1.6 is newer supposedly with some improvements in transparancy. I welcome your comments.
Depending somewhat on the age of the speakers involved I would generally favor the MG-1.6. Add Mye sound stands and it is better than the MG-2.7. Good luck.
Magnepan has openly claimed the 1.6 is a vast improvement...and I believe it "replaced" the about 1/3 less the cost...although the 2.7 had a true ribbon tweeter if I remember...but the 1.6 has better intergration and coherency...
When I decided to buy Magneplanars recently I intended to buy the 2.7 model. It was at the dealer where I discovered that the 2.7 had been discontinued because the 1.6 came so close in performance at much lower cost.
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Jab...When I found that the 2.7 was unavailable I considered the 3.5 model with ribbon tweeter. But I actually prefer the QR tweeter (not to mention reliability concerns) and am quite happy with my 1.6 set. One should listen and decide for one's self.
The 2.7 does not have a true ribbon tweeter, it´s a 3-way
system using a Quasi Ribbon tweeter. The bass driver of the 2.7 is the same as the 3.5 and the midrange is a smaller version of the 3.5 midrange.