Maggie 1.6QR amplification questions

Sometimes I feel as though I'm abusing all of you, but I've got so much valuable feedback from all of you out there already, it would seem a waste not to tap into when needed.

Anyway, I'm "patiently" waiting for my Magnepan 1.6QR's to come in. In the meantime, I'd like to finalize my amplification situation for these speakers. With a budget of $1500 at the most, which ss stereo amp will be the best mate for these speakers. Currently have an Anthem MCA 20 which I really like. Is this a good match already or would one of the following be better.

Odyssey Stratos with upgraded caps, used Bryston 4B-SST, PS Audio HCA 2, or your suugestions please.

Thanks so much!
I would give the Anthem a chance..since you are familiar with it and see what happens.No need to drop $1500 unless it's burning a hole in your pocket! LOL

Enjoy the Maggies!
Carver ZR 1600. $800 plus change. Superb. Particularly with MG 1.6.
i would do a classe ca-101 and even bi amp the maggies..
I agree with gmood1. Anthem is a really nice clean amp. If you want a little softer sound, the classe will do a great job. Avoid the Carver-it may be the loudest but will have by far the least detail, the least low bass and the least tight highs of the 3 (my opion as a former carver owner but currently own anthem and classe pieces).
Innersound ESL or Plinius 8200P

The Innersound is very dynamic and detailed and the Plinius would be warmer and beautiful tone
McCormack!!!!! I run a McCormack DNA-1 with mine and love it. All their amps are excellent. But the DNA 1 wins here cause it is a little older (so cheaper) and it is said to be a little warmer sounding than the newer series. I look forward to sending mine to SMC for a mod some day (an amp you can grow with). You can pick up one used for about $750. This amp has plenty of muscle, a nice neutral to warm tone compared to some amps, and lots of detail and soundstage. Good Luck!
Elevick...Carver "least detail"? That's subjective, and you are entitled to an opinion, but it doesn't agree with what others say or what I hear with my Maggies. However, the remark about low bass is flat out wrong. Hey: these amps are designed to drive 2 ohm loads to high levels in professional applications.
I second the DNA-1 (dlx). A great match with my MG3.6/R´s.
Well, I believe i've narrowed my choices down to Odyssey Stereo Stratus, Odyssey Stereo Stratus monoblock or the McCormack DNA 125. Any final considerations for me out there?


Before you make up your mind you should really consider Classe'. I've been running Maagies for almost 20 years and I have found that Classe' gives you enough amps to move these speakers in the bass, real high end sound and at a price you can afford. If you buy a used CA 100 or 150 for around $550 to 900, you can get a match that will keep you up nights listening!
My dealer uses Bryston with Maggies...Bryston are know for deep bass extension...and this strength plays well with what many consider the Maggies only weakness(I disagree as Maggie technology has improved) any rate a buddy went with the Bryston b-60 intergrated, Maggies 1.6, and REL sub...all I can say is...WOW! I also heard the Maggies on NAD Silver edition that too sounded better than it should have any right too...good luck