Maggie 1.6QR Acoustic Treatment

Advice requested: My Maggie 1.6QRs are placed in front of a living room picture window with wood blinds and a transparent, thin curtain. Speakers are 4-6 feet in front of the window.

As the Maggies are dipolar, is it best to cover the picture window with a thick-fabric curtain, no curtains, or other arrangement? I find the high treble to be harsh and tinny with more-than-moderate volume, i.e., trumpets or tenor sax perhaps a an octave-and-a-half above middle C.
My room is a sloped ceiling, going to 18 feet high, with the speakers at the low end in front of the picture window.

Also, for Maggies, where is it best to locate the component rack? Immediately to the side, in back, or where? I've just read Mr. Harley's book and find certain of his comments ambiguous, although the book is great, overall, and would appreciate comments by anyone who has been down this road already. Thanks, all.

Thanks for any suggestions before I join my wife in curtain shopping.
For starters, anything over the window in back of our speakers is better than nothing to prevent reflections. As long as you're going curtain shopping with wife, you should also consider how to tame sidewall reflections. It doesn't have to be expensive. A few well-placed fabric wall hangings to take the edge off.
your maggies are dipoles and dont have alot of output to the sides..( would save the side walls for last)

would suggest starting with your back taming the rear wall with damping and see how that goes...if more is needed try using diffusion on the front wall. (LEDE - live end - dead end).

hope that helps...