maggie 1.6qr

I just purchased a mint set of maggie 1.6qr speakers and am shocked at how good they sound! I am replacing a dynaco st70/ quad 11L setup with the maggies and a bryston 3bst amp. The preamp is a classe dr6.

I am currently set up in a small 10x11 room and jammed in way too tight there. I am moving into a larger room 14x16 and it will be a dedicated 2 channel/ a/v room.

The maggies will be placed about 4.5-5 feet from the rear wall, and about 2.5 feet from the side walls. My seating position will be around 7-8 feet back. With the speakers placed about 5 feet apart, will this distance on seating position be about right or should I be closer?

I know about the cardas method and magnepans setup instructions, but I am looking for real maggie user input and how you set yours up. And do you suggest tweeter panels in or out?

Thanks,Dave (New happy maggie owner!!!)
I have 1.6's in a room that is practically identical to your larger 14 x 16 room. I have them set up 5 ft out with maybe a little more space on the sides. My listening chair is all the way back against the opposite wall. I have listened closer, but didn't find the difference significant so I moved the love seat back against the wall where it looks better. I treated the corners behind the speakers with auralex pannels, 2 ft wide, floor to ceiling. This was a critical treatment to address slap echo which really was a serious problem. The next most important tweak was tilting the speakers forward (easy with Mye stands) so that the tweeter is at a perpendicular with the middle of the tweeter at ear level. I've used addtional auralex panels on the wall behind the speaker which seems to have improved imaging somewhat. I think you will be very happy once you have them set up in the new room.
Forgot to mention-- I prefer the tweeters on the outside.
Just out of curiosity, tell us about the sound in the small room. I have a 10.5 x 18 well treated foot room and want to try the 1.6's in their
chances are it will be best tweeters OUT.
Experiment with where the speakers 'cross' front of you, AT you, or even behind you. You might notice the speakers are a little bright when aimed directly at you and that imagining changes as the toe changes.
Experiment is best, once you have the basic setup.
Once you are happy, leave it alone for a couple days before any Small change.
Adjusting wall spacing helps, too. Start at say......3 feet and come out in 2 inch measures.
Keep track of what you do, even if you have to take notes.
There will be one sweet spot which is obviously best.
My room is quite a bit different and employs the 20.1s so I am not well qualified to comment on your situation other than to say that I agree with Magfan that it seems to be best with the tweeters on the outside. I tried it both ways and prefered them on the outside.

Also, the advice to make SMALL changes at a time is good advice.
Experiment and put them were they sound best to you.Everyone hears differently and after all,you are the one that has to live with them.Just a thought.Enjoy.
Should be fine. Would try them a little farther appart too. I have found that I like Magnepans a little farther appart with some toe in. Sound stage was a little more focused with the toe in.

Anyway to each there own.
Thanks for the responses. I am currently in the process of preparing the new larger room for move in. I am waiting on new carpet to be installed and I am now painting the room also.

I have a nice loveseat also that is my listening "chair". I will probably try the chair against the back wall first, then see if moving in closer improves the sound.

I was planning on using accoustic treatments behind the seating position and in the upper corners behind the speakers.I am wondering if the treatment should be all the way down the corner of the walls instead? (As Brownsfan uses)

The speakers sound fantastic in the tiny room now. I am about 6 ft back from them, they are about 5 ft apart with tweeters in. The left speaker is jammed in a corner about 1 ft from the side wall and 2 ft from the back corner.The right speaker is 2 ft from the back wall and has an open door into a hardwood floor hallway just behind it.This is probably the worst possible setup and yet the maggies absolutely destroy the quad 11L minimonitors in every way including bass.

The guys doing the carpet measurement are going to be here this evening.This is going to be a long 1-3 week wait to get setup in the new room!!!

I forgot to mention that there is a 50" wide t.v./audio stand that is 30" tall which will be placed in between the speakers at the same 5 ft from the back wall. There is a sammy 46" led t.v. that sits on top of the stand.