Maggie 1.6 noise

Good morning.  I've been wrestling with noise coming from the right channel of my stereo.  When the needle hits the record it almost sounds like a rock-tumbler (but much quieter).  Started trying to isolate the source including replacing the cartridge (different story).  After switching tubes, amps, turntables (same problem), sources (pretty quiet when streaming), I happened to move the right Maggie a little without music playing and there was the sound.  This time it was more of a rattle seemingly from the top left (non-treble) side of the speaker.  Dealer wants about $500 just to open the bad boy up!  They are at least 15 years old.  Have moved a few times (always boxed).  The question is . . . repairable?  Is it worth it with what appears to be a lot of well reviewed speakers on the market?  I have an Audio Research vi 55 integrated.  I play a lot of records on a VPI Scout (Karat cartridge).  THANKS IN ADVANCE for your consideration.
I should have included the fact that I am in Minneapolis.  Magnepan is about 30-34 minutes away.
Why not call Magnepan?
To be honest, 15 years is a long time. And, $500 isn't that much to spend.
If possible, why not just drop them off the Magnapan?
Could be delamination - some of the wires bonded to the plastic membrane coming loose. This can happen to older Magneplanars. Can be fixed by regluing the loose wires. Not an expensive repair. You can do it yourself at home!
Don't pay that dealer $500 (!!!) for the repair work. Contact Magnepan and get the proper glue. Remove the sock and lay the speaker flat. Examine for loose areas of the wiring. Those will need to be reglued. The old glue can weaken over time. 
Do the repair work and keep them! Still an excellent speaker system! No need to replace them!