maggie 1.6 mods

has anyone perfomed any mods on their 1.6 maggies....eliminate fuses, change crossover, buy or make stands etc.. if so what have been the results?
This link will keep you busy for days...

Then try this one:
Just eliminating the fuse made a drastic improvement. Never tried the stands with my maggies. I think their are some high grade fuses available on the market now. This maybe a safer way to hear the differences. I've never used them in the maggies though.

I did however rebuild the crossovers. This also made a noticeable improvement.
The upgraded parts were so much larger,I had to make them outboard crossovers.

You can go to audioasylum and find plenty of info in the panel section about modifications.
Thank you GMood1 and Mofimadness!!!Looked up some mods on the Audioasylum threads and just finished bypassing the fuse and connection plate on my maggies..wire to wire now and the maggies are breathing so much easier...a very significant amount of glare, constriction and edginess are gone and the soundstage has way better depth..etc..etc..the improvement was obvious even to my non audiophile girlfriend.
If you want to take it a step further you can have Peter Gunn mod them for you for. If you are handy, which I think you are, you can build his outboard crossover yourself and build your own stands.

I bought and old pair of SMGa's for $250, repaired the wires, built his crossovers and my own stands. I am elated with the results.

For $1400 you can have him build you a virtually new pair of speakers. The only thing remaining from the original are the panels. If I bought a new pair of 1.6's and had some extra cash I would send them to him. His modded 1.6's supposedly sound better than stock 3.6's. Here is his website.
Pete you gotta let me come up and hear them sometimes!

Take care my friend!
Come on up anytime! There are a few more rug rats than when you came up last time however. (<:

I must say that my FT1600's are off in the corners now. I just can't seem to find a replacement for that Maggie sound.
I hear ya Pete ..I love the maggies as well... especially modified. The FTA2000s have served me well though..had them longer than any other speaker so far.

It is a hard for me to choose between them. I just need a little more flexibility with amps than the maggies would allow. If I had the room and finances, I would have both with the appropriate amplifiers. I still have a pair of old maggies in storage..who knows I might have them refurbished one day.

Recently picked up a SE triode tube amplifier to try out. I don't think the maggies would do too well with it. :-)

I would bring it up to try out on your Brines but the amp weighs over 100 lbs. I won't be able to produce rug rats lugging it around! LOL

Man you've been busy!! ;-)
Bring the amp on up and we can give it a whirl! Maybe we can get the three year old on one side and the two year old on the other. It's hard to believe it's been five years since you were here last. Man, time flys by.

I need to do more A/Bing with the two speakers now that I have them both setup. I think what pleases me with the Maggies is the large soundfield they produce. As far as tonality and such I need do more listening. The Brines could easily win out on that. I just set everything up last week. That's what I like most about this hobby, setting stuff up. (<:

Send me your phone number at and we can hook up after the holidays.