Maggie 1.2's Low End Crossover Upgrade

I recently purchased a new pair of Magnepan 1.2’s which I am enjoying very much. The tweak bug has bitten me and I have made some adjustments already.
First, I got the Maggies to stand vertical, which improved the overall soundstage. Second, I have bypassed the fuse, which has improved the clarity of the treble.
The third tweak I am considering is to replace the low end crossover parts. Specifically I have been looking at:
There is some pretty good literature written by an Ed Morawski that suggests the low end crossover change will improve the bass and slam. The instructions seem pretty straight forward.
Have any Maggie 1.2 owners completed this crossover change?
Was it hard to complete? I have changed out capacitors in Large Advents so I am assuming that it is not too difficult.
Were there difficulties in physically placing the new crossover parts? Is it possible to keep them in the same place as the old parts under the sock or do you have to mount them externally?
What were the sonic results? Did it make the Maggies sound better?
Any other thoughts?
Hi Magfan,

I would recommend bypassing the attenuator and fuse altogether. this creates a noticeable change in the treble. On the 1.2's you can change it witout soldering so it is easily reversible. It generally improves the clarity of the high end which gives a bit more presence.

However, I am still not certain about it because, the longer I listen, there is the occasional high pitched guitar stroke that starts toward screeching...maybe that is due to my system finally letting me know that I have a bad recording.

I have read pros and cons about the frames, mostly postives. This seems to me to be more complicated and expensive change than replacing the crossover parts. However, it seems to be the one that helps the low end the most.

Low end and deeper sound stage are what I am after.
If you've raised them vertical, you should be getting a huge deep, wide soundstage. If you aren't, it may be because of room acoustics.

Bass extension can be improved by a) playing with placement, both of the speakers and yourself; b) playing with bass traps if you're suffering from cancellation (a null right at the bottom of the bass range will truncate bass extension; c) bracing the speakers so they don't sway -- do a search for Mye stands, the real ones are pricey for this application but you can make something similar yourself, preferably from metal but oak will do. Mye type stands will also improve imaging somewhat. Beyond that, I think you have to go to a larger model, or add a sub. I gather the Maggie woofer will be available for $1000 in basic trim, it's apparently good to about 40 Hz, but if that's outside your budget a small sealed sub will work.

None of which has anything to do with your crossover question, I know, but I'm afraid the only thing I know about that is that many have reported a sonic improvement with better caps and inductors.
Josh 358,

I have placed a fake palm tree in one corner and that seems louder and the center of the sound stage has shifted. It appears that I can improve things with another fake tree on the other side to create dispersion there as well?