Mag Lev Turntable. Your Thoughts?

One is for sale on Audiogon. Very cool BUT, I can think of a bunch of potential problems. My instinct says it is showmanship but not having actually played with one who knows? Anybody have any experience with the Mag Lev?
The first problem would be that magnetic fields are not solid. They are squishy. What happens when you play different weight records. What about a record clamp? The tonearm is fixed to the plinth. If the height of the platter changes the VTA changes. If the platter bounces at all it will cause rather rapid speed variations. What about those powerful magnetic fields right under cartridges. Looking at the video the platter certainly is not machined very well.
Is it really worth the trouble. Good tables make very little noise. 99% of it is coming from the record itself. My inclination is that the platter should be on a solid footing.
It is the solution to a problem that only exists in the minds of a few crazy audiophiles who hear things the rest of us can not fathom. But, it is cool none the less and would make a great conversation piece.
I can find a LOT cheaper conversation pieces I am afraid.

So if one ever ended up in my hovel it most definitely would have to do more than just look the part!
At its current price point (around $4K) it will be completely outclassed by more traditional solutions. Also realize that it can't run MC cartridges.
Bob Levi for one is convinced -- he makes an interesting case (I've never heard one and the caveats about compatibility would rule it out for me) but clearly more than a gimmick in this reviewer's opinion
No MC cartridges? That certainly was not made clear on their web site not that I would have ever purchased one.  
Come on uberwaltz. It sure beats that $5000 print your wife was looking at!