Maestro v2 mm with McIntosh mx135

Are these two comparable or do I need a phono preamp? Kevin
No. The one in your preamp should be fine.
MCIntosh MX135 has an excellent phono preamp. I was using Mcintosh mx135- phono preamp for a while with a great result. I didn't have any problem using Audio Technica AT150MLX (V_output=4mv), or AT440 (V_out=4mv) or even Denon Dl-110 (V_out=2.5mv). MX 135 (mm) phono outperformed PS audio GCPH phono preamp, in term of details and space presentation. I also used it with a great result as the MX135 mm phono with Step-Up_transformer (SUT) for MC cartridges like Denon Dl-103R or AT-33.