Maestro AC Power Cables ???

Has anyone tried out these new Maestro power cables yet ?
I'm going to go head and try out three of these Maestro power cables. I will let you all know what I think when I get them.
ok, I look forward to you impression's.
Guys, I just got my Maestro power cables and they are AMAZING on Video !!

I have a Maestro power cable hooked up to my Pioneer 500m Plasma and I have a Maestro power cable hooked up to my Directv HD need a Cloverleaf C-5 male IEC adapter from to hook up these power cables to these Directv HD receivers...I got mine back in 2009

The imaging has improved BIG TIME in 3D, much more DEPTH, much more DEFINITION and CONTRAST!....the IMAGE really POPS now!..

The DEEP RICH COLORS look very very FILM-LIKE...the BLACKS look very INKY now!..

The picture is SO SHARP that it looks almost like I have a 4K Plasma now!!

I'm now waiting for my Dedicated Audio break-in power cable adapters to come in from the mail so I can hook up all these Maestro power cables together and then hook them up to my high velocity fan and let them break-in good for two weeks. I will give some feedback on the Audio performance of these Maestro power cables after break-in.
As these cables break-in more now the light output on my Pioneer Plasma is getting brighter. Why is this happening? Why would cables cause this to happen?

I have a new Mapleshade ViviLink 2 PLUS HDMI cable hooked up to my Directv HD receiver and a Maestro power cable hooked up to my Directv receiver and a Maestro power cable hooked up to my Plasma. Everything is plugged into Maestro ac outlets.
My friend is going to bring over his new Yamaha Soavo ns-f901 speakers when my Maestro power cables break-in good !

These Yamaha speakers will be hooked up to my modified Yamaha a-s2000 integrated amp and a used Yamaha cd-s2000 CD Player and Crimson Music Link cables.
Here's my review...

These Maestro power cables are a perfect match for their Maestro ac outlets. They are both are lightning fast, exceedingly neutral, effortless...transparent to the source!! When you pair these two together they are a match made in audio heaven!!

These Maestro power cables excels in really believe you can reach out and TOUCH the ARTIST!! These Maestro power cables also excels in Transparency....the see-through transparency is truly breathtaking with these power cables!!

These power cables are about lifting veils....the mechanical qualities are all GONE!! The noise floor is extremely LOW!! Recorded instruments now sounds much more like REAL instruments being played in your room!! Recorded voices now sounds much more like REAL human voices!! They allow even the most subtle of details to be clearly heard now!

These power cables have a HUGH holographic soundstage both ultra-wide and very deep!, sharply focused mid-range, lightning fast, insanely detailed without any brightness or harshness AT ALL!!, explosively dynamic, incredibly articulate, organically coherent, tonally natural, chameleon-like with all music!

These Maestro power cables gives you an greater insight into the recording, you can differentiate the individual singers and individual musical instruments much better! It has such an wide open sound that it invites your mind to come on in and take a wander around the's quite a realistic and vivid presentation!! These Maestro power cables are so effortlessly from top to bottom...they never break a sweat no matter what you throw at it!..

My system now stops me from thinking about anything else and allows the music to transport me to the time and place of it's making!! It makes you close your eyes and immerse yourself in it's dynamic, tonal and emotional carries you away and leaves your cares behind! These Maestro power cables are a emotional experience rather then a listening experience!!...

Fernando Cruz is setting the NEW BAR..very very HIGH in Affordability....these Maestro power cables just might be the most Musically Engaging power cables to ever come on the market!! You are so emotional connected to the music that it's very hard to stop listening to music!.. These Maestro power cables are just so D$MN ADDICTIVE!! These power cables presents music in the most astonishingly accurate and lifelike way!!...
I liked these products so much that I'm trying out a new prototype Maestro Power Strip that wont be on the market until later on this year sometime.

The noise floor is PITCH BLACK! The silence is AMAZING!! I've only had it for two weeks, I'll give a full review when they come on the market.
My modified...almost 4K Pioneer 500m plasma has a even more sharper picture hooked up to my improved Maestro power strip, it also has that very wet look to the picture that is so pleasing on the eyes!...

Fernando should call these improved Maestro power strips...>Baby Maestro "TriPoint" Power Strips!!<
Positive Feedback just reviewed these Maestro power cables!