Madonnas immaculate collection is wicked....

It was taped in s sound which is pretty much done away with. THe best song on there is vogue. Im not into maddona at all but the way the cd way done is unreal. It has a very holographic feel and i use it to test everything when i switch something out. On that sound your speakers should competely disapear and the sounds should be coming at you from the sides. Almost like you have a speaker on each side of your head. I finally have my system set up that i can really feel how the sound is around me and not in front of me. Buy it you will thank me. Kevin
It actually was recorded in Q sound. Roger Waters’ "Amused to Death" was recorded in the same manner (before Madonna's Immaculate Collection was released) and features a song where the sound effect goes to the side and behind your head in a horseshoe pattern (if your system is up to the task).
How bizarre, I had noticed the exact same thing (the horseshoe effect) on The Immaculate Collection. Kind of embarrassing, but I always check out "Like a Prayer" from this CD to evaluate new equipment's effect on soundstaging. Now I'm curious to hear Amused to Death and other Q-sound releases. With my Alon Model 1s, I hear sound coming from the sides and even from behind me on many of the tracks on the second half of the Madonna CD. My latest discovery, and the thing that has swayed me towards passive pres recently, is how most of the active preamps I've used squash the soundstage into a more conventional left-right up-down space. The galactically spacious presentation is in full bloom with the passives I have used, including the Creek and my current favorite, the Luminous Axiom, which is just a stupendous bargain. Having read a lot about them on the forums here, I'm curious to try a TVC design next. I wonder if the TVC preserves the same 3-D soundstage. Guess which CD I'll be using to find out!
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