Madonna s Music.

I have listened to this CD about 30 times in the last three days now, and I must admit that is fascinating material. I am not sure it is good, great or just plain awful.. Maybe I will have a better idea when I listen to it some more.

I note that it does a great job of pointing out the differences between the 5 different systems I have played it on. I am not yet sure where I like it best.

What are your opinions of this CD and how it sounds on your system? On my main system it is overwhelming in a nice kind of way. On headphones it is downright... intimidating in a not so nice kind of way.

What is your favorite track on the CD? Mine would have to be track 6, the masterful combinations of natural whispers and totally electrified voice, the mix of computer generated sound and use of effects and sampling, especially on the acoustic guitar... It is so a-musical yet so melodic and fascinating!

What is the most annoying track on the album? My vote here goes to track 4, the bass is just... AWFUL!

Anyhow, share your thoughts...

Njonker. Am I missing something? I dont't know what cd you are writing about... Thirty times, and you need to listen some more? File under "guilty pleasures".
I don't care for "music" but thought the previous album "ray of Light" her best since debut. The song "frozen"
and "ray of light" are outstanding and the videos are some of the best ever made. Also the video for "music" is dissappointing.
Madonna has never impressed me as an singing artist. Instead, her popularity seems mostly tied to her ability to create a controversial personae, then, when it beomes stale, reinvent it. She literally beomes someone "new" with each album. This, of course, appeals to her chosen audience which is both the demographic that spends the most on records and the one with the shortest attention span. Thus her visibility remains high, and in turn her record sales, but it has little to do with artistic skills.

In other words, great marketing, fairly mediocre musical skills.
I am not fighting for Madonna or against her but as far as pop music goes she is one of the best, there is really no one for her to compete with, IMO.