Made in USA

I love to support USA products as much as I can. Even if it costs more. Id say 2nd choice Europe or Japan. Last place China.

So USA made HiFi products I have are... Magnepan, Odyssey, Geshelli, Rythmik, Schitt, Bluejean, Belden, Analog Productions( vinyl). Musichall & Monitor Audio (UK), Nagaoka, Magomi(Japan), 

Other USA made HiFi I know of.. Kilpsch (high end speakers), Jeff Rowland, P.S. Audio, Emotiva?

Im sure there are more. Please continue list and lets support our own.


I’m mostly US with a bit of Germany and Japan, but just know that many components are made by the balloon people..a reference that will rapidly be forgotten.  Darn.. forgot my Holo May DAC KTE.. Oh well.  At least a small manufacturer not associated with CCP.

 I buy the best I can afford to buy IMO reguardless where its made..I have a Jays transport and a Holo them both and the quality is up there if not better than a lot of US products I looked at.

A lot of my gear is Made in USA.

  • Benchmark DAB3B | LA4 preamp | AHB2 monos
  • CODA #16 amp
  • RAAL VM-1a | SR1a | CA-1a (RAAL-Requisite is 50% USA)
  • Schitt SYS | Jotunheim R
  • Sonore OpticalRendu’s

The rest of my gear is Canadian, Japanese, and Chinese. (3 tuners and 1 DAC)

I was not really considering country of origin, but it looks like most of my gear has some N. America origin.

I’d love to buy "All American", but reality is another thing.

Cabinets/components MIC, then shipped to HQ="assembled in (fill in the blank)"

GET REAL-Some of those companies are MIC

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I have mainly US.

Wilson, Pass, Thiel, VPI, Graham Engineering, Manley, McIntosh, Mark Levinson, Sunfire, Rane, Cardas, and Tice for US.

Koetsu, Nakamichi, SAE, and Sony for Japan.

Bryston for Canada.

Oppo, Red Rose Music, REL, Carver, and AudioQuest for China.

Proac for UK.

Dynaudio for Denmark.

Mostly EU, Canada US in my kit. Only China is from the China I respect Taiwan. 


I would start with Audio Research, Pass, Magico, Conrad Johnson, VAC (as @tomcy6 mentioned). Boulder, Wilson… many of the most respected high end names are American. 


I have to throw in Sonus Faber (Italy) and Koetsu (Japan). Dcs and Linn… the UK.


If you are putting together a cost effective  high end system… you do not have to pay more… you are going to be buying primarily American, you do not have to pay more.



I try to buy US made.   Amp, Preamp, Speakers, Turntable,  made in USA.   DAC , Greece, Tuner #1 Canada,  Tuner #2 USA,  Streamer, S Korea.   

Country of Origin has less to do with it than getting  the best for the money, but generally speaking I avoid Made in China whenever possible.  Blu-ray and Vault 2 are made in China but they are decent products but not on the same level as other gear in the system. 

Pre amp -USA

Power amp - Canada

TT - Germany

CD player  Japan

Rack - Italy

 My system is a true Mutt.

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My linestage and amplifier are custom made by a one-person operation in Italy, but he uses primarily vintage parts made in the USA (including Western Electric caps and transformers).  My streamer/DAC is made in England, my headphone and phono cartridges are Japanese-made, the headphone amp/energizer is US made, the turntable/tonearm/vacuum clamp/motor controller are US-made, my phono stage is Italian as are most of my speaker (the midrange horn/compression drivers are US Western Electric parts).  My power conditions are made by an English company (don't know where they are built), and I have no idea about the manufacturing source of my cabling.  All of my tubes are vintage US and German tubes.

@bikefi10 It's been mentioned but I'll say it again.  Your statement should be "I like to buy things assembled in the USA".  Like it or not, we are living in a global economy.  Take a look inside any amp and tell me where all the parts were actually made.  It's why countries sign Free Trade Agreements.  As an aside, we wouldn't be able to affort most of the equipment we enjoy today if it had actually been 100% made and assembled in the USA.  And for all the China haters out there, I suppose the irony is lost on those who typed out the messge on their I-Phone  🤣



Phono Preamp-S. Korea


Digital Vintage-Japan

Tape Vintage-Japan




Power Conditioner-USA




What humors me is the CHIFI fanboys (don't?) realize the profit margin(percentage) is higher on PRC made products. The discount on a B&W 702 Signature is $2500 a pair, what discount will Magnepan offer when the 3.7i is replaced? 

Huge topic, I’ll chime in, not going to argue after this, just a point of view.

I take the long view: One World.

The history of Nationalism ain’t good.

Tarrifs!!!!!! Protect OUR businesses!

How things change.

Age 6, 1954, We all had cheap toys, the kind with thin soft metal parts with slots and tabs. You assembled the toy by putting the tabs thru the slots and bending the metal over to keep it in the slot. Eventually you had a car, truck, star, whatever.

A small gang of young men walked by one day and said: Those toys are made by the enemy! 6 yrs old, huh?

1959, impressionable age 11, living in McClean VA., lots of military lived in towns near Wash. DC. Any time a Volkswagen drove by, someone a bit older would mutter, made by the enemy! Or, someone my age, having been influenced by their parents.

And now, many prefer made in Japan and made in Germany to made China.

Read the long history of China, Hawaii, Cuba, Vietnam, Panama, Philippines ...., Religious Zealots, Sugar, Bananas, Coaling Stations, Sponsorship of Coups,

You might consider the inter-relationships of European Monarchs to the Organization of the Mafia. And European Wars to Mafia Wars.

What England and USA did to China in the Opium Wars, in the name of: you guessed it: Markets for our goods!

At that time, who were the enemy of the Chinese? They sure trade with the enemy!

Who created North/South Korea? North/South Vietnam?

How were so many country’s future FOREVER changed by our actions?

Who got the Chinese population off opium?

Not a debate, just a point of view, I'll say no more.



Marantz and NAD....not sure about them or ML subs.


FWIW, I've had GREAT Chinese  products too.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Mine is I prefer to buy audio gear that appeals to me, regardless of country of manufacture.

To each his own.


All true.. globalization is a fact and I doubt that anyone really believes that all components within their amplifiers come from the country of origin declared on the box. Buy American is an imperfect notion. I don’t believe it is so much jingoistic as it is a suggestion to support employment for your neighbor.

Regarding Chinese hate…. I don’t believe that rational individuals hate Chinese. The anti-Chinese is mostly anti-CCP. Do we make a distinction between Apple and Huawei? I do…. In the past I avoided Huawei phones.  I sure hope that Apple proves to be a better employer upon moving operations to India.  I don’t view my purchase of Holo equipment any different than the purchase of Audionet, or MSL. That said, if purchasing today, I would have given the PS Audio Perfectwave DAC II a try, rather than ordering a Holo May DAC. Again, an imperfect choice. PS Audio has postponed their Airlens launch and I believe it is due to inability to source components and as mentioned above, it is doubtful that the components are US sourced.

I want my local business community to thrive, so I choose to dine at restaurants in my small town. Does this mean that I don’t eat elsewhere…no.

besides where it's made, there is where it's designed, where it's owned, where it pays taxes/avoids to pay taxes, where patents are owned, where the parts are made, where the source of the parts are mined, etc.

Being from a country that has sunk to the "assembly country" level from the highest Noble prizes per capita era,  I feel it yields much better dividends to invent, design and own products than to lego them together while your eyes are falling out. (and yes I know little about the manufacturing process)   

Also quantity-wise, the brands of 98% of audio products sold today are never mentioned in this forum. I doubt they are made anywhere outside southeast Asia

If I lean to buying US, it's only because I know that the cost of international shipping is not baked into the price. But I've got no problem buying from anywhere if it's something I would want, like my Holo May DAC. 

My equipments are mostly made in Canada 🇨🇦

simaudio moon W8 W7 P8 Andromeda CD Player

speakers Epic CF4 Sony SS-M7 made in USA Dac/ streamer Cocktail Audio X45Pro  made in South Korea

cables mostly Odin Nordost from AliExpress lol 😂

I have a 'melting pot' system; if only the world could get along as well as my components!

Poland (Circle Labs A200 Integrated amp)

Germany (FinkTeam KIM speakers)

Japan (CEC TL-15 Cd transport)

Italy (Aqua La Scala DAC)

U.S. (Audience speaker cables and interconnect; Shunyata power cord)

Denmark (Ansuz power distributor and cord)


wondering….. with some of the isolationist deep thinkers approach, just who will buy our exports….. ?

I typed this on an ipad > Netgear router powered by an Israel assembled linear power supply…. 

What brings on these moments of patriotic introspection anyway? I'm secure enough in my beliefs to practice it instinctively, without a thought as to how to divide a community.

All the best,

My stereo system knows no national borders. It contains components & parts manufactured in the USA, Canada, China, Japan, UK, and Russia.

@czarivey I believe you are confusing the Chevys made in China for the Chinese market with the Chevy vehicles made in the US ?   Or maybe it's just good old China bashing.  Hard to tell these days.


Not at all -- just using current knowledge about current automotive business.

Check where being built the original AC DELCO GM parts. Also check how FAST GM vehicles depreciate. 5...7 years old GM is already junk.

The only good GM vehicles having actually Japanese engines. Some having Mazda engine (Malibu) and some having Honda engines (Spark)

I stick with US amps and preamps and phono preamps, because repairability is important.  For example, I had my last (tube) amp for 25 years - had to send it back to the factory 3 times.  
  Hard to avoid asian gear on the digital side.

Never cared who makes what and where as long as it offers the best value for the money. My system comes from all over the world and it is better for it.

i just bought a Denafrips Pontus, made in China. best DAC i have heard. Chinese products are great for us who can not afford to be extorted by some of these American companies. i also have a place near the beach overseas that cost $400 a month. America is a rip off.  also Chinese girls beat American girls hands down.

All my equipment is made on Earth, by humans. Beyond that it gets very complicated, and kinda pointless.

AC Delco makes nothing. They are a marketing and fulfillment company for GM aftermarket products.

Denso and Bosch make the majority of their parts. Nice try @czarivey

Pass labs, Coda , Ayre, Upper McIntosh , Boulder 

Magico, YG acoustics ,Wilson Audio, Rockport audio  ,that’s just a sample

@hilde45 "Not many American made products with nothing but American made parts"

+1 - zero to be precise 


@westcoastaudiophile Agreed. That's why this topic should be called, "Who wants to thump their chest about 'merica?"

Despite the Italian-sounding name, Bel Canto products are designed and manufactured in Minnesota. 

ZU speakers made in Utah

Aric Audio phono, pre-, preamp, and amplifier all made in USA

Soundsmith phono cartridge made in New York

all really good stuff  



Made in the USA - not very likely for most audio products. Assembled in the USA is your most likely outcome. Oh and malibu457 - I wish they all could be Californian girls.!

I'm running 






I have two pieces from China that are superb and use high end parts from many western nations. 

I drive American, but without any axe to grind. 

Where are our pens, watches, jeans, shirts, staplers, and so on from? 

@panzrwagn … “All my equipment is made on Earth, by humans. Beyond that it gets very complicated, and kinda pointless.”


Yes… one world… what will it take?



Since we are talking about the importance of where our precious audio equipment is from in the world, I find this a good time to remember how lucky we are to be concerned over such mondane things while a cataclismic size hearthquake on the Turkey Syria border has already claimed over 6,300 lives.  Absolutely horrendous time over there, and Ukraine too. My gosh, what a dark time for that part of the world. 

Rogue audio preamp and amp

Fritz speakers

small green computer streamer and server

audio envy and morrow cables



CD Transport-England

Streamer-not sure, probably China