Mad Scientists Audio Nano Tweaks

My dear Audiophile friends...My curiosity has drawn me into trying many crazy tweaks to try and nudge a hint of better sound out of my system. Obviously nothing can substitute for actual quality components so that's a given and on that front I've put my focus. HOWEVER, if using a marker to blacken the center and edges of my CDs helps I'm in. (And yes it does help, double blind test) So from boutique fuses. system disks, upgraded power cords, to Nano disks, if the item isn't too expensive and provides money back guarantee, I'm willing to be a potential sucker. Two issues, well three, come into play. Placebo effect, change of tone misinterpreted as improvement, and volume consistency while evaluating. We all grasp the meaning of the placebo effect. The second issue is much more subtle. A change in the sound which brings out different unheard details when actually nothing is improved overall. You may like the change when your stale music collection can sound new again. There is a value in that.  Then the problem of volume. I caught myself turning up the volume beyond my usual level (DB meter is key) when I was evaluation a new items. Playing louder will obviously allow you to "hear" more within the music. These factors can easily bias a reviewer. Third day after installing multiple Nano things at key spots around my system and I hear #1. a difference which does not seem to be merely rearranging the tone but truly improving the sound. #2. At both high and low volumes enhanced clarity is undeniable. #3. The placebo effect "appears" to work without regard to cost of said "snake oil." My theory is placebo effect works infinitely and without regards to cost. therefore one can "perceive" improvements in the system Curiously this placebo effect often works on visitors who have no knowledge of the "enhancements"!  Therefore I highly recommend Mad Scientist Audio tweaks. Very inexpensive and appears to trigger full utilization of placebo effect! COST? $100


I purchased the Mad Scientist -
Heretical Digital Cable 1 meter, RCA Plug Type : KLE Silver Harmony Plugs

This was for my 4K bluray player, and it worked famously when I used it to my DAC.

I was gifted some of the black discus samples with my order. I also requested free sample so I had enough to play with for a better idea if they’d work in my system.

I have them blutacked on my XLR cables, but in my case, to be frank, I cannot discern a difference in sound with or without. Personally, from that, I’m not going to pay for nano stuff from them anytime soon. I have no reason to dispute their usefulness to you allears4u, my digital cable is brilliant.

If I wasn’t eagerly awaiting the SilverSmith Fidelium XLR cables to match my speaker cables, I’d be wanting to trial the Flexible Carbon/Graphene PLUS
1 meter with KLE Absolute Harmony

More Mad Scientist cable/s again maybe, mine works great.

I had originally sent my 5 bucks off for a free sample.(two disks) They seemed to help (maybe) so I ordered the bigger "cupcakes X 2) and the tube-like thing for the main power cord for my Raven Audio tube amp. Plus they sent me two more free disks. So I've distributed them around in strategic spots. Much more detail/depth now. I want to try the cables but I've bought some pricey interconnects already and dread putting those in a drawer. Have you tried their contact goop or tube caps? Not me, just curious...It takes ages to get product from New Zealand!

I have some Mad Scientist products; Nitro and Nitro Nano power cables, Black Magic USB cable, and Black Magic Nano Discus.

He kindly hard wired a Nitro and Nitro Nano power cable to a couple of older Eichmann Universal Power Strips I had.

All purchases have improved my system.

I've yet to apply the Graphene Contact Enhancer.

@jerrybj Kia Ora mate (Yeah I'm making a presumption)
Guessing you're in NZ otherwise you posted in your Eichmann power strips?

I am curious if you've done a shootout between Curious Cables and the Black Magic USB? I have the Curious Evolved, but I'm curious as to how good the Black Magic is.

@allears4u - I don't have tubes anymore, and only did on a DAC made in Australia.
I will soon be trying some US made new to the market contact goop as you call it, however, not any from Mad Scientist.

I have to wait for stuff sometimes to come from my home country which is nearest NZ, and yeah it often takes weeks not days.


Kia ora e hoa.

An easy guess, when this end of the planet.

Was seriously heading towards the Curious route. But Bob’s cable was well reviewed by a few.

Dropped in to visit him a couple of years ago. A nice guy. Spent a good hour with him at his place.

If you want to try the Black Magic, DM me.

I thought I had settled on my cabling but now ....Using Tellurium Q throughout. Mad Scientist Audio has me rethinking the possibility of finding ways to enhance even more. Any try the tubes caps things? They sit on top of each preamp tube. Sounded dangerous at first but they can take 300 degrees they say so what possibly could go wrong? (lol) What to try the contact enhancement liquid except many hear recommend a different product....Boy, do I miss Millercarbon's pontificating! Never can have too many Pontiffs. 

Nano Nitro AC have been the best AC cords I have had in 35 years- some at $2500 and these guys are SO much more musical. Caveat, it takes at least 6 weeks to burn in. Any less and you do not hear their potential.

ATTENTION ALL RAVEN AUDIO OWNERS!!: HUGE NEWS!!! Biggest tweek yet! After all the upgrades I've done (short list includes: Terrulium Q cabling, made nighthawk a blackhawk, pricey tubes throughout, fuse upgrade, etc) I've put a solid clay brick with felt feet on top of the transformer box at rear of Raven integrated amp and clarity has come forth previously unheard!! Apparently the transformer hum was shaking the tubes tiny brains to distraction. 0 dollars = BIG IMPROVEMENT

Maybe Raven should just fix the hum issue, I have Line Magnetic, Finale Audio and Ayon Audio integrated tube amps and not a one has transformer hum, no need for bricks

I have the tube caps on my recifier tubes on my Wavac EC 300b with great results; notably less grain and sibilance. I have a nano donut ring on the torroidal in my InnuOS Zenith Mk3. Not too sure about that one; at least it does no harm. The best results come from the graphene solution: foremost on anything power related but interestingly also on Ethernet and USB connections. This stuff is for real.


I haven’t applied the graphene Bob sent me. Will get to that.

Easy enough to use?

Who is Bob? I have ordered twice from Mad Scientist Audio, and all communication and mail come from Kay Prangnell in New Zealand.


By the way, excellent service all around from Kay, I am in US, and the packages have arrived in less than three weeks from the time of order. Various Black Discus Nano devices. Affordable too for what they do

@antigrunge2 :

I have a nano donut ring on the torroidal in my InnuOS Zenith Mk3.

Do you have to open the case in your Innuos ZENith to place those donuts inside?


Im in Florida. I emailed Mad Scientist about the Graphene Contact Enhancer. He has US distro, said it will come fast 10ml $79

I got my contact enhancer from them quickly and then Kay sent me. a couple of pads to try.  Very quick and excellent service by MS.  Thumbs u

Someone on a thread asked if I had done my fuses. I had done everything else and all had a good bit of playing time. Well, since I have the top cover off my Voyager 350, I treated the one fuse on the power supply board. It was a nice improvement to an already amazing result using it- icing on the cake

FYI: make sure to shake it up WELL

Happy days when my next tweek arrives! Earlier today I received the bottle of Mad Scientist super goop. (Or whatever they call it) As I was applying this black liquid taking care to not over apply, I was inwardly cursing myself for falling for more snake oil. In fact this liquid resembles what you'd expect to be the juice that flows through the veins of a snake! Being too lazy to complete every place where the "enhancer" should go, I "treated" 28 connections. This includes: speaker and jumpers, phono, sub,  and CD interconnects, power cords on both ends, etc. While this tweek is cheap ($58 inc. shipping) there is some frustrating moments applying. I hate to disconnect anything when it sounds fine. I was convinced I was wasting my time. Here's what I heard. Vocals, especially female, sound sweeter, relaxed, and more beautiful. More realistic presence or maybe more air around music in a calm, natural way. A bit more resolution and smooth flow like the CD digital harsh has been eliminated.(I didn't realize it was there) Quieter background. In other words, wonderful, delightful, exceptional. In the morning I'll complete the rest and look for my next tweek!!  Highly recommended!!


I have yet to apply the Mad Scientist graphene 'super goop.'

Waiting until my system is finalised.

Where/how did you apply it?

Good question! Since "Mad" paperwork says a thin coat is best, I pulled out the brush in the bottle (after shaking well) and wiped off as much as possible back into the bottle, then I applied a dot of the black goop on one spot of the connection to be treated. Then I took the micro brushes (supplied by "Mad") and smeared the goop all over the connection. For example, two interconnects for my CD player. (One dot of goop from bottle is enough to do two RCA interconnects completely.) The goop moves around pretty easily and you can clearly see where it is or isn't. Then reinsert connection. Easy. I did 28 connections including power cords, interconnects, speaker terminals, etc. The difference (I'm listening now) is significant and its very fascinating how  such a liquid solution would make such a significant difference. Apparently the metal connections aren't as good as one would suppose. Which makes sense manufacturing being what it is and the detail we're asking to be conveyed via this imprecise connection. "Mad" claims improvement over 24 to 48 hour time as the liquid suspended Nano particles work their way around and into microscopic imperfections in the surface of the metal on metal connections. Whatever....?!? But all I know is the sound is GREAT and this tweek is super cheap except for the hassle. (Haven't done the fuse yet on Raven or some lesser power connections. After this improvement I'm getting motivated to complete the "gooping". CHEERS.   

I have the Mad Scientist Black Magic USB cable. Brilliant cable.

Was going to get a couple of Mad Scientist ethernet cables, but in limited space I needed more flexibility. Ended up with TWL Freedom.

Mad Scientist Contact Liquid (AFTER 48 HOURS) On the paper work included with the Graphene Contact Enhancer it states that immediately upon application one will benefit about 80%. They suggest more enhancement will occur after 24 to 48 hours. This is true. However, my ability to describe the change is difficult. Better for sure but in what way? The sound stage seems to have more pressure somehow. More guts. Its not just more bass or mids but a overall solidness, sweetness and cohesiveness. Its like there were holes in the sound stage that are now full of music. Very pleasant improvement. Something like a darker background but its not exactly that either. For sure clearer and cleaner. CON: Keeps me up later in evening. AND, I hate having to disconnect everything. Haven't done Raven Integrated amp fuse yet. Big hassle