Mad Scientist wires

Just wondering if anybody has any experience with these interconnects or power cables (can't for the life of me figure out why they don't offer speaker cables)?  They seem to be one of those fly-under-the-radar brands that has that tantalizing trilogy of interesting technology, attractive pricing, and great reviews, but I rarely hear anything about them here.  Anyone have experience with these guys?
Never heard of them until just reading your OP.  The investigation begins...
First off they are in NEW ZEALAND. If you live in New Zealand I bet they are a great place to buy stuff. Probably to Australia or Singapore OK too. But to the USA.. YOU are taking a big risk. the shipping WITH insurance is outrageous. I looked at their graphene juice. To insure it (tiny bottle, total weight like an ounce, shipped) was shipping $75. (it could be as low as $25, with a predicted loss (meaning it was lost, you are OUT the MONEY period) of 5%! So you like to gamble? Think how much something that actually weighs a half pound is gonna cost???So aside from ANY notion of the product. The location is a total bummer. Unless, like I wrote, you LIVE THERE.(Just think returning a problem? get a nonworking cable? Cost you $100 just to send it back!) Plus a ’few’ stories about them suddenly ignoring anyone complaining. So if you have any problem, you just do not exist to them anymore. What?? YOU gonna FLY THERE and confront them?
I received a whole bunch of Bob’s M.S. stuff for over three years.
Their not shipping speakers and amplifiers, just cables and small tweaks.

They’re affordable and work great, MUCH better than the expensive stuff I had before.

Basic shipping usually within 7-10 days to N.E. U.S.

@rx8man (Mazda reference perhaps?).  Can you share what other wires you compared MS to and how they were better?  Would help greatly for context.  Thanks!
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What is sad is recklessly spewing reams of incorrect information without accepting responsibility for having done so.

You should have acknowledged that you didn't know what you were talking about instead of attempting to be funny.

Yes, I live in the US and have purchased MSA products.

I have purchased Mad Scientist products and the shipping charges are reasonable and shipment was prompt. Communication by the seller was excellent. Not all products affected the change I was looking for and they do a great job of fulfilling their return policy.
Their products are worthy of your consideration.

David Pritchard
I have also purchased products from Mad Scientist and shipping was quite reasonable. (Power cord and tweaks) Good sounding products. I live in the US.
I  have been very impressed with Bob's power cords. For me they're some of the best I've owned. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended. with a good return policy.