Macintosh MR71 owners-anyone replace their stereo bulb?

Is is possible to replace it without any disassembly to access it? It looks a little crowded in there. MY OCD 
I've done a lot of Mac bulb repairs, led upgrades a few times twice. Take your time and be gentle but firm. I use some tight fitting work gloves so I don't slip or get cut. PVC ruff grips. work the best.. REMOVE the glass, be careful. The painted glass can shed. Be careful wiping off the glass. TEST FIRST in a corner. Canned air, contact cleaner, just a bit.

You can clean with some LARGE and small Q tips. I use Isopropyl alcohol. It will take a while. You need to clean the sockets and everything in any case.  Plan on 2 hours with cleaning (boiling the metal knobs to really clean) or sonic, what ever floats your boat..

Thanks for the response.

I was afraid removing the glass was gonna come up. I've read about the disintegrating lettering. Guess I'll put that project on ice for now. Made the mistake of not having all the bulbs replaced when it was serviced last year for a new tuning cable.