Macintosh--MCD-550 or MCD-500 anyone hear them

Hi guys....Has anyone heard what these McIntosh Players sound seems like the only place you hear about them is in the UK mags....does anyone own one and can give some feedback on how the sound n rate against other high end SA/CD Players...Thank You n Everyone Have a Nice Weekend...
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I owned a MCD 500 for a year or so. It's decent player with a good build quality. It's not even close in performance to the Luxman D-06U though.
Greginnh Thank you, that's n interesting statement it says a lot, I will look into the Luxman. I just ordered a pair of Gallo Classico 3 Speakers today I wanted 2 hear what they really sound like with Jazz. I think I will also put that up n see what the feedback is on these speakers. Thanks again.
I have owned a MCD500 for 4 yrs now. A very good performing SACD player plus the internal DAC can be used by an external source (like my piece of shit Olive O4HD).
Miner42 thank you 4 feedback, I also been wondering about the Yamaha CSD 3000 list for $7,000...or the Mac 550..