Macintosh binding post

Macintosh binding post are to small for the spades on my speaker cables.Would using a good quality jumper be ok?
I have this same problem. Spades don't fit. I've turned to Cardas banana adapters as a solution. But I would prefer to go direct.
Cardas CCMS-S Barrier Strip (McIntosh) Spade

You can get them at
I didn't realize computers had binding posts! Sweet!
It's a new component of iTunes.
McIntosh,Is that better?
Gellis1 -

I was just playing with the comment on the binding posts.
Please don't take it personally, not intended to be pointed or anything along those lines.

There are adapters sold on ebay that work really well. They are entirely gold plated and convert the barrier strip screws to banana sockets. Seller was in Japan I think. I used them on all my vintage Mc amps to great effect. Arthur
If you like to convert to banana plug adapter, Philmore makes them.
You can get them at