Machina Dynamica New Dark Matter CD and Blu Ray tray treatment?

This is a set of adhesive-backed thin plastic pieces that one attaches to one’s transport or player disc tray. The disk rests on them during non-spin mode, but presumably don’t touch the applied thin pieces during playback mode. The company says the new Dark Matter pieces reduces background scattered light from reaching the photodetector, thereby improving performance. 

Anyone tried this product? Please specify transport or player if you have and your impressions. 
Looks like roughly 10 small squares applied. A bit higher than your magic number of 8. 
I now have about 10 days of watching the improved video and hearing the improved audio from my New Dark Matter treated Oppo 203. This is a nice improvement to an already good player. I really think if you system uses CD's or DVD's this is an upgrade worth trying.

Ordering a second kit to try on a run of the mill Samsung player.

David Pritchard
I didn’t mean to imply 8 or 10 are magic numbers. But I did find out it can be overdone. That discovery was made on a classified system. The moral of the story is more is not better. It’s not necessary to cover the entire tray surface. The NDM is currently going out with 10. Subject to change without notice. Your patience is appreciated.

I now think 8-10 is great, less might be equal to or......

I see only 6 squares/rectangles in your photo of the top loader. Am I missing something?