Machina Dynamica New Dark Matter CD and Blu Ray tray treatment?

This is a set of adhesive-backed thin plastic pieces that one attaches to one’s transport or player disc tray. The disk rests on them during non-spin mode, but presumably don’t touch the applied thin pieces during playback mode. The company says the new Dark Matter pieces reduces background scattered light from reaching the photodetector, thereby improving performance. 

Anyone tried this product? Please specify transport or player if you have and your impressions. 
The active NDM material, the small Super-thin squares, is not adhesive so Super-thin double-sided adhesive is necessary to attach the NDM to the upper surface of the CD tray. Total thickness NDM + double-sided adhesive less than 1/32”. Bingo Bango Bongo!
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Indeed the NewDark Matter with the adhesive paper to attach the Squares is super thin and Easy to apply. A 10 minute project at maximum. 
I continue to be impressed with the improvement after installation that my Oppo 203 DVD player is showing.
added bonus- there is no break in time and the Dark Matter Squares are not directional!
David Pritchard
Well, they are directional, aren't they? Top surface absorbs; bottom surface does not. Lol